Well, holy moly!  What a day!!!  Ironman Cairns did not disappoint.  Here are the results of our fabulous athletes:

Ironman Results

The best people to tell you about the day, are our athletes themselves!  So let’s get a little snapshot of their day:


Made it back to Hawaii! On paper it might look the perfect race plan execution but there were some ups and downs and a poorly split run which put me right in the hurt locker. But now it’s time for a few days with the feet up! Thanks to everyone for the support. Especially Narelle Crooks and Mitchell.


Ok so you could say things worked out pretty well! 2nd in age group and qualified for Kona, amazing eh! To just say thank you to everyone who supported and followed me simply isn’t enough! I’ve tried to go through the messages and texts from the day and afterwards and it just staggers me! I hope you all realise how much I appreciate your support, I realise now you’re never alone in these things, even if you think you are! I hope I can return the favour and be there to support and assist you guys whenever you need it! I’m still pinching myself and can’t wait to see you all!


What a fantastic day. Completing my first full Ironman together with my son Daniel completing his first half Ironman. A day that went perfectly to plan. Nutrition, hydration both working to a tee. The day saw our 3.8 k swim at palm cove where the water was reasonably calm. Our 180 k bike ride then took us to two return laps to Port Douglas finishing in Cairns with our 42 k run. My estimated time was 13 hours so when I came in at 11:41 I was stoked. Daniel completing his half distance in around 6:15. Thank you to all for sending messages of support and helping me to achieve this. Special thanks to my training buddies who I have spent the best part of a year training day in day out with Ashley Purcell Michael Gallagher Juliet Cooper. Big thanks to the Trialliance coaches Ollie Allan, Scott D’Aucourt, Dan Weekes for all your help and patience. Thank you to Andy Wood-Rich and Jo Wood-Rich for turning up in Cairns to help and support us. Huge thanks to Greg Nugent, who has coached me through good and bad to reach this point. 3 months ago trying to recover from my bike accident, you held me back until the time was right to ease back into it and you then turned a 6 month build into 13 weeks from hardly walking to an Ironman, I am extremely greatful. Thank you to my family for listening to me crap on about run times and swim strokes and bike cadence etc. the biggest thanks of all goes to my wife Karen. You have stuck by me throughout this journey, always encouraging me,always positive, never doubting me, always ready with a special meal or a sticky note with a smiley face on it on my dinner when I got home from training. Following me to Busselton and now Cairns to watch me compete and for always being there for me when I needed someone to listen and understand, I thank you and love you dearly. Will I do this again? Not in the near future but never say never. This was a long and difficult journey but running down the finishers chute with the crowd and your friends cheering, then crossing the finish line and having my wife put the medal around my neck and my son putting the finishers towell on me was an experience that I will never forget.


So… this happened a few days ago a dream 25 years in the making. So so pleased with my race. I can only control my attitude and my effort and both were as good as i can muster. Had a reasonably good swim, a quickish T1 and started the chase. I had a massive brain fade as i turned onto the bike highway to Port Douglass i actually turned the wrong way it wasn’t until i realised there were no competitors with me i was 3 ks down. Got it together went as hard as i could realising it was a long day and i needed to be patient. Got thru the first lap unscathed, but then had a mechanical and a puncture. Ok 70 ks of headwind to survive back to Cairns. Finally caught my arch nemesis in T2. 2 min transition out onto the run the first 5 ks were great but lulled me into a false sense of security, thing went south from there. Cramping begun at 20 km mark basically couldn’t take too much nutrition after that. The chase turned into surviving 42 ks. Got it done so much to learn before the next one. So so happy to be part of team JAMM, Juliet Cooper Mario Staffieri Michael Gallagher i couldn’t have done it without you. My most important supporter and best friend Jodie Purcell you are the best, you are the air i breath. Lets keep the band ( Team JAMM) together for Busso


I don’t really do RACE reports! I’ll tell you in person if you want to hear about it! But so glad the dnf demons from December didn’t get me! Cairns much harder race than Busso! Must thank all those that tracked me, my sister Penelope for coming from Townsville Andy & Jo for your surprise & being part of my family, your fabulous people! To partners in crime Ashley Mario Michael (JAMM) loved training with you & thanks for waiting for me. Jemma my new friend running with me to the chute!  Of course Brendan Monty Charlotte & Emily for putting up with my Triathlon obsession & always being there for me! To Ollie, Michelle & James for advice, phone calls & coffee.But especially this man Greg Nugent you’re a fabulous coach a lifelong friend & I will always be grateful to you for each occasion you get me to that start line & each time you yell & grumble at me! Thank you LOVE you buddy xoxo


And congratulations to our 70.3 athletes, who had an equally tough day bearing more of the heat, having to complete their 21km run in the full sun!

70.3 Results


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