Our Tri-Alliance Personalised Programs are an excellent way to challenge yourself to the next level.  The programs use the latest coaching program technology from Training Peaks and Visual Coaching Pro and can be designed for Fun/Sprint, Olympic, Half/Full Ironman triathlon distances or individual swim, bike or run programs.  If you are after a specifically tailored program then this is for you.

We individually design your program and monitor you through athlete reports and monthly one-on-one coaching consultations and body management assessments.

This close monitoring allows our coaches to modify your program as you go depending on your development and any other factors that may influence your training.  You also have regular one-on-one contact with your coach over the phone and email to ensure you are on track with your goals

Add to this the flexibility to attend up to 20 coached sessions a week, FREE seminars and workshops leading into selected events and you will be reaching your goals sooner than you thought.


One on One Swim Coaching

Tri-Alliance one-on-one swim coaching is a fantastic way to improve your swimming through personalize feedback. You can’t get more personalised than having a coach watch your every stroke, providing you with instant feedback and drills/guidance for you to take away and work on. Mick-pool

You will have a lane to yourself where our technique coaches will analyse your stoke and discuss your technique flaws and discrepancies with you. Video analysis and feedback will be used to assist you in understanding where your technique flaws lay. From here you will undertake a series of drills which will address and correct your stroke flaws. Following the session you will receive a follow up email outlining all concepts discussed as-well as a sample session for you to complete


Session: 1 hour in duration
– $120 with the lane hired and coaching from the pool deck
– $80 with the coach swimming with you and coaching from within the lane

*Please note that one-on-one sessions are held at Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre and times/dates are to be confirmed with our swim technique coach.

CLICK HERE to book a One-on-One Swim Session and work on your weaknesses today!

Wanting a COMPREHENSIVE VIDEO ANALYSIS with full access to your video and drills plus a sample program provided. Check out our Video Analysis sessions

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