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Tips and Tricks Race 1 St Kilda

Join the Elwood FREE Tips and Tricks and learn all you need to know. Held at Elwood Park, Elwood from 12:30pm on Saturday prior to race day,

Tips and Tricks Race 2 Sandringham

Join us at Brighton Race 2 for the for our FREE Tips and Tricks.

Held at Green Point, Brighton from 12:30pm on Saturday,

Tips and Tricks Race 3 Elwood

Join us at St Kilda for Race 3 for FREE Tips and Tricks.

Held at Catani Gardens St Kilda Race Venue from 12:30pm on Saturday,

Tips and Tricks Race 4 Sandringham

Join us at Sandringham Race 4 for the for our FREE Tips and Tricks.

Held at Trevor Barker Oval, Sandringham from 12:30pm on Saturday,

Tips and Tricks Race 5 Elwood

Join us at Elwood for Race 5 for FREE Tips and Tricks.

Held at Elwood Race Venue from 12:30pm on Saturday,

Tips and Tricks Race 6 St Kilda 2023

Join the St Kilda FREE Tips and Tricks for the last race of the year. Held at Catani Gardens St Kilda from 12:30pm on Saturday,

Our Pre-Race Tips & Tricks Clinics are informative and highly recommended for those who have not completed a triathlon before, haven’t raced at the race venue, haven’t been to our Tips & Tricks Clinic before OR simply need a refresher! Tri Alliance will have a number of Coaches on hand to assist with your queries before and after the clinic which are held the Saturday before each race of the 2XU & FUN Tri Series.


Gave me a stack of tips before the race and explained key things that were worrying me in the lead up. I felt so much more prepared & comfortable on the day.

I couldn’t recommend this session more highly for a first timer. I tried to implement everything they said and had an amazing race because of it. In fact the only piece of advice I didn’t stick to, was the only part of the race where I felt uncomfortable! If it’s your first tri you have to go attend this session. It will make you feel so much more prepared and confident on the day.

Tim McBride

This was my third season of Triathlons; I have competed in two full seasons. I have learnt so much from the Tips & Tricks sessions. I have learnt about the small things, to the significant ones. So much, I can’t begin to explain; transition tips, shoe laces, nutrition, endurance strategies, breathing, etc. so helpful!

Because you guys have the knowledge, the experience and the wisdom. You deliver it with passion and entertainment. I go every time and always walk away with something new.

Vanessa Baylis

As someone doing my first triathlon, attending the Tips & Tricks session gave me a lot more confidence. I got some useful tips on each discipline of the triathlon, but I think the most important part was understanding how the transitions work. Walking through that process on Saturday helped me feel a lot less nervous about the race.

I'd recommend the session to anyone doing their first triathlon

Scott M

100% recommend worth attending one of these sessions before your first tri. The reassurance alone on what to expect is completely worth it. Ollie covers everything and you walk away from this session excited and less anxious about the unknown.

You've been training your swim technique (pool and open water), getting the k's in on your bike each week, and clocking the runs as often as you can, but never considered how transitions can affect your overall time. The little details on how you lay out your equipment, or what to do when you come out of the water make a world of difference. The specifics on these details are more important than I realised, not worth making all these mistakes first-hand when you can avoid them.

Daniel Wearne

Good tips for transition, calmed my nerves, clear understanding of how event would run.

I really enjoyed the session, learnt & laughed a lot!

Evelyn Loveband

Brilliant essential information for a first timer

Tips helped make race day less daunting

Tess Rivers

This was a great briefing session for me as a first timer to triathlons. Knowing the way to manage a transition, the technical ruless and also pre race nutrition we’re all helpful.

The team are friendly and experienced. It’s a great introduction to the sport!

James Della-Porta

They were fantastic! I was a newcomer and the tips were so helpful and infomative.

It gives you a sense of calm and fun when you feel nervous

Melonie Taylor

Great pre-race tips, increased my confidence. Tip about hydration the day prior to the triathlon very beneficial to me as I hadn’t considered this. Also alternatives to gels for energy and elastic races.

Important little tips that can make a massive difference to your triathlon experience

Guin Cleminson

Session was really helpful and informative. Tips about swimming in open water were especially useful, transition, and during the run. I tried some of them out even when I was running and I got a PB in my run leg!!!

Eases pre-race nerves for first timers

Cynthia Stacey

It made me feel much more prepared for my first triathlon, and i was comforting knowing that there were so many first timers out there with the same worries as me! Greatly prepared me for the swim which I was the most worried about. Everyone was really friendly.


Sarah Cheong

Not quite new to triathlon but was still reminded of a couple of things I had forgotten .. I picked up the obvious importance of why pulling wetsuit arms and legs help mobility when swimming and a useful suggestion that has helped make transitions quicker.

For someone that is starting out it definitely puts you more at ease and builds confidence

Cheryl Freeman

It was great preparation knowing the course and transition well. All the transition walk through and tips for swimming and ‘not drafting’ on the bike were very valuable. First triathlon for me and ranked very well overall as well as second in my age group. No surprises on race day thanks to the tips and tricks session. Very valuable

Absolutely.... it’s all about preparation! Especially if they are a first timer, I would suggest that’s it’s essential. That maze of bikes and fences and chutes all makes sense and also creates awareness of what everyone is doing and so makes the course safer for everyone.

Cathy Moncrieff

Being my first ever Tri...the information was absolutely invaluable! Thank you!

Heaps of little tips and techniques...particularly if you are newbie!

Sat Rajan

It gave me more confidence in riding my bike and taught me how to swim in the ocean!

It was a great introduction into triathlon with very friendly and helpful coaches!

Stephanie Mourad

Took both kids before their first tri. It helped them with tips and trick and was also hugely beneficial to me to in hearing all of the info and helping the kids through their prep and race strategy. Thanks to Ollie and the team.

This is an amazingly helpful sssion and I would consider it a ‘must do’ before your first tri. Loved the laces demo and the swimming tips and tricks.

Peter Cox

I was so anxious about my transitions, so having Ollie meticulously step through the process really helped me! I also didn't know if I should bother sinking money into things like glide and gels, I was so relieved to hear that vaseline and jelly snakes would do the trick!

As a first timer I found the triathlon clinic really put my anxiety to rest, and the community were so welcoming! The team had some really useful advice on what to eat, wear, and prep the night before, and allowed me to just enjoy the day rather than sweating over small things!


Session gave the necessary insight for a newbie like myself. Particularly the intro to the course and explanation which helped on race day - the knowing of what and where.

Being my first triathlon, I researched lots of advice on Youtube before this session. However, the real life instruction by clearly a seasoned instructor together with seeing many other clueless newbies like myself gave a whole better and inspiring perspective. Contemplating on their training course now for training efficiency and motivation.


The information you shared with me made me more relaxed as I was going to attempt my first triathlon. It first sounded daunting, however, the way you presented the tips showed me that it is a process and we must have to “transition” form one process step to another.

I gained valuable tips that allowed me to be more efficient (and come 1st in my category). I still live by those tips you taught me, and I believe many others can become more comfortable with trying a tri.

Jaeda Louw

This was a great session really informative and I got lots of tips that I used on the day of the tri that really made a difference.

I would definitely recommend participating in this session, it's not often you get something for free that is really useful and you actually need! The session made me feel much more comfortable and less nervous on the day and knowing that you were amongst a group of other people who were also nervous and unsure made me feel a bit more relaxed.

Karly Georgiou

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