Pumped to get into Triathlon?

Our FREE Try the Tri program can help to smash your goal, just like these three ladies did after their Try the Tri with us!

Try the Tri includes:

  • 6 weeks free program
  • 5 coached sessions per week
  • 40% off first race
  • up to 20% discount on Orca, On running, Garmin

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Take advantage of our FREE six-week triathlon program to get you race ready ahead of your first triathlon for the 2023/2024  season!

Tri-Alliance is well known for its beginner triathlon programs and due to its popularity, our Try the Tri program is back for another year! Our beginner triathlon training programs cover all aspects of triathlon training and provide you with a taste of the technique and skills to compete this coming season. So if you have been thinking about trying a triathlon, now is your chance to get a head start before the next race.


Try the Tri 1 ELWOOD

21st October to 30th November 2023



Try the Tri 2 BRIGHTON

4th November to 14th December 2023


Try the Tri 3 ST KILDA

9th December to 18th January 2024


6th January to 15th February 2024

Try the Tri 5 ELWOOD

27th January to 7th March 2024

Try the Tri 6 ST KILDA

17th February to 28th March 2024

With so many inclusions in our six-week Try the Tri program, it’s no wonder why we are regarded as the best Triathlon Squad in Melbourne to offer beginner programs.

  • 6 Week comprehensive program
  • Up to 5 coached sessions a week
  • Swim, bike and run technique and fitness
  • Open water swim technique and practice
  • Weekly tips and tricks and general training advice
  • Email contact with our coaches
  • Private chat group to connect with athletes and receive advice
  • Race transition setup and race tips
  • Pre-race course overview and transition walk through
  • FREE Race day Massage, BBQ and warm-up area at your race! (Covid-19 restrictions may apply)
  • 40% Discount on race entry*
  • Up to 20% off Orca wetsuits, Garmin, On running

*Must complete 75% of your Try the Tri program to be eligible for race discount
*Participants can not have participated in a previous Try the Tri program to be eligible for free program

Choose the dates that suit you!

Register for one of the above Free Try the Tri program quicker than you can say ‘racing!’  You’ll receive a huge amount of support both from our coaches and partners:


Program #1 Program #2 Program #3 Program #4 Program #5 Program #6
Start Date 21/10/2023 4/11/2023 9/12/2023 6/01/2024 27/01/2024 17/02/2024
End Date 30/11/2023 14/12/2023 18/01/2024 15/02/2024 7/03/2024 28/03/2024
Race Day 26/11/2023 10/12/2023 14/01/2024 11/02/2024 3/03/2024 24/03/2024

We have a number of locations and times that we hold our sessions – Elwood and CBD. So choose which sessions suit you! Each session will help you develop fitness, confidence and learn all the triathlon skills you need to know.


  • 6.00am Run Session, at Albert Park Lake
  • 6.00pm Indoor Bike Session, live online


  • 6.30pm Combo Session (open water swim+bike+run), at Elwood Beach


  • 9.30am Combo Session (open water swim+bike+run), at Elwood Beach


  • 7am Long Swim Session and/or
  • 8am Long Run Session, from Elwood Beach*
  • * must be confident/competent (restricted availability)
  • OR Active Recovery/Day Off


*Full session details will be sent once you join the program. 

COST: FREE Training and 40% off your race entry fee to the 2XU Sprint or FUN Tri Race.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to spend huge amounts of money to get started in triathlon. In fact, starting out is the very opposite. At Tri-Alliance, all you’ll need is a positive attitude, and any type of bike (preferably one with two wheels and that’s safe to ride on!).


  • Goggles and swimmers will do just fine. If you have an wetsuit, bring that along too.


  • Helmet and a bicycle of any make, model or design is fine. Don’t forget to bring along your runners and bike shoes if you have specific pedals.


  • Runners and comfortable running gear

Still need further convincing? Many of our current members had so much fun during the Try the Tri Program, that they went on to become Social or Short Course members at Tri-Alliance. Here’s a snippet of what you can expect during our six-week beginner program;

  • Motivating group sessions that are easy to follow
  • Train with other like-minded athletes (similar fitness/skill level)
  • Improve your Fitness and Triathlon skills with fun sessions
  • Increase your confidence as you challenge yourself to learn new skills and knowledge
  • Social, Accepting and Inclusive Environment
  • Meet new people and make long-lasting friendships
  • The sense of achievement as you cross the finish line at your first race!

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