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Corporate Triathlon Series – Melbourne Training
Beginner Triathlete Program

Tri Alliance brings you our popular Corporate Beginner Triathlon Program to help you and your team prepare for this years Corporate Triathlon in Melbourne. You will learn all there is to know to compete in the event – and you may even earn bragging rights at your work place!

Our 4 and 6 week programs cover all aspects of triathlon training and provide you with everything you need to know about the race. So if you have been thinking about ‘getting serious’ why not take the challenge and get a head start on your competition!


  • 3 coached sessions a week for 4 OR 6 weeks (you choose!)Corporate Triathlon Series Melbourne Training Tri Alliance
  • Swim, bike and run technique & fitness
  • Open water swim technique and practise
  • Weekly tips & tricks and general training advice
  • Phone and email contact with our coaches
  • Race transition setup & race tips
  • Pre-race course overview and transition walk through
  • Access to exclusive specials including wetsuits, bikes, bike accessories plus more!


  • Motivating group sessions that are easy to follow
  • Train with other like minded people (similar fitness/skill level)
  • Improve your  Fitness and Triathlon skills with fun sessions
  • Increase your confidence as you challenge yourself learning new skills and knowledge
  • The sense of achievement as you cross the finish line in the Corporate Triathlon – and have bragging rights at your work!


There are three key coached sessions for our program, which will help you develop fitness, confidence and learn all the triathlon skills you need to know.

  • Monday:  6.30-7.30pm Run, Albert Park Lake
  • Tuesday: active recovery
  • Wednesday: 6.00pm Combo Session (open water swim/bike/run) Elwood Beach
  • Thursday: Active Recovery
  • Friday: Day Off
  • Saturday: 9.30-11.00am, Combo Session, Elwood Beach
  • Sunday: Active Recovery or day off

PROGRAM DATES | DETAILS:Corporate Triathlon Series Melbourne Training Tri Alliance

6 Week Training Program:
Cost: $199pp or $185pp for a team of 3

4 Week Express Program:
Cost: $149pp

Corporate Groups:
Please contact us to discuss options that can be tailored to your company.


Swim: Goggles, swimmers, wetsuit (if you have one)
Bike: Bike, helmet, bike shoes (or runners)
Run: Runners & running gear

Further details will be provided once your register

Start your New Year with the Corporate Triathlon!

Learn everything there is to know to enjoy this year’s Triathlon. Whether this is your first, or you want to improve, join today and we’ll show you how!

Here are 2 great basic FREE 6 week programs to get you started. (Beginner and Intermediate)


Tri Alliance currently offers training packages for the triathlon. Please contact us for more information

Below are a great selection of Tri Alliance TV segments focusing on Tips and Tricks, Rules and Time Savers you can’t miss to help improve your Triathlon Experience.

Stay tuned for more to come.

Triathlon Equipment Basics

Transition Set Up with an Olympian 

Ever wondered how the pro’s set up their triathlon transition? Our transition tips & tricks provides you with everything required to have a quick and easy transition.

Triathlon Bike Racking Tips

Racking your bike for a triathlon can be a daunting experience. Our bike racking tips covers all the essentials to ensure you a fantastic race day experience.

Bike Rules for Triathlon Racing

It’s important to follow the rules and know how to keep everyone safe when on the bike.  Here are our top 10 bikes rules to obey when triathlon triathlon racing.

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