Sometimes, a single-disciplined program is just what an athlete is after.  You may have a particular goal in either a Swim, Bike or Run event, or you may need to work on your weaknesses and need a program for a specific training block.  Whichever the case, our Head Coach and Level 2 Triathlon Coach, Ollie Allan is an expert at helping athletes get the maximum out of themselves and turn their weaknesses into strengths.  If you are looking to reach new goals, gain confidence in a discipline, take your training ability and racing performance to the next level or gain new PB’s in a single sport, we can give you the support you need.

Swim Options

Tri Alliance Swim Programs

Swimming programs and swimming training programs and plans are available through Tri-Alliance.


Ollie Allan (Level 2 Triathlon Coach) has worked with Professional, Elite and Age Group athletes for many years. He can provide you with the individual techniques and training systems that are utilised by the best in the world of triathlon, across all distances.  Swimming Programs specifically for Triathlon and/or just Swimming can be designed and implemented with great success, regardless of where you live.

Swim programs will include a great combination of dry-land strength exercises and easily implemented training programs to get you well on your way to achieving personal best results.

We also provide several programs to work specifically on swimming, including  our group swim sessions, a one-on-one session with our swim technique coach, or join one of our stroke correction or learn to swim programs.  More information on our Swim Specific Programs here.

Cycle Options

Tri Alliance Bike Programs

Cycling and Bike-specific training programs and plans are available through Tri-Alliance.


Are you in need of better cycling skills and technique?  Or would you like to improve your overall strength on the bike?  We can build cycling training programs and plans to target your specific goals. As almost every cyclist is going to be different in their strengths, weaknesses, and what they need in a training program, Head Coach and Level 2 Triathlon Coach, Ollie Allan will plan your training program wisely to avoid race day disappointment.

There are a number of factors that come into play when designing the right program and plans that can be designed to build your aerobic power, speed and strength endurance. Tri-Alliance can design a specific beginner program that will have you feeling more confident and technically efficient on the bike, or provide training options for intermediate to advanced riders who already train specifically for riding events and are looking to take their results to the next level or race competitively.

Run Options

Tri Alliance Run Programs

Running programs and running training programs and plans are available through Tri-Alliance.


Running programs are designed by Head Coach, Ollie Allan.  Ollie has worked with Professional, Elite and Age Group athletes for many years. Tri-Alliance offers a run-specific program for those who are keen runners and want a training edge, want to switch from Triathlon or simply want to gain some fitness or lose weight.

Running training programs specifically for triathlon and/or stand-alone running events can be designed and implemented with great success, regardless of where you live.

Our run sessions are periodised and specific, leading you into selected events, races and fun runs.

The programs cover all the elements of training for running including tempo, speed, endurance, hills, variable distance, cross-training, strength and conditioning, Fartlek and race simulation.

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