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I wanted to complete a triatholon after turning 30. I signed up and then saw that there was a training/coaching offered by tri-alliance -- free for beginners. I showed up my first day not knowing what I was getting myself into. Butafter the 6 week program -- I am a tri-athlete!! I have new friends and the want to complete more events.I would tell someone about this program becasue you gain useful skills while having fun. Meeting new people and having new expereinces while keeping fit, its a win win. The coaches were great, very helpful and truthful when you needed something.

The feeling of achievement and new friends. I had a blast -- even training was fun! But the day of the race was great -- the team cheering you on! And the feel of success! I'll be back the end of 2018 for the season again!

Becki Jones

This was a great session really informative and I got lots of tips that I used on the day of the tri that really made a difference.

I would definitely recommend participating in this session, it's not often you get something for free that is really useful and you actually need! The session made me feel much more comfortable and less nervous on the day and knowing that you were amongst a group of other people who were also nervous and unsure made me feel a bit more relaxed.

Karly Georgiou

After watching years or tris and tryin to do them cold is was like magic to learn that completing a tri is a defined set of skills that can be learned... it is not a case of this s for athlete’s Try the Tri is for anyone who likes to have fun

There were several major highlights. Firstly the team atmosphere and inclusiveness regardless of skill, speed , strength age , gender or any other characteristic. It is an al welcome experience which was surprising for a competitive sport. Next you have a choice to compete against other, compete against oneself or just have fun. A huge highlight was overcoming fear of bay swimming and mastering swimming out and around the pole! ( no one cld have convinced me that was possible. And finally it is really a cas of the more you get involved at tri alliance the more you want to get involved. Well done all coaches and well down try te tri group 4

Zena Burgess

Gave me a stack of tips before the race and explained key things that were worrying me in the lead up. I felt so much more prepared & comfortable on the day.

I couldn’t recommend this session more highly for a first timer. I tried to implement everything they said and had an amazing race because of it. In fact the only piece of advice I didn’t stick to, was the only part of the race where I felt uncomfortable! If it’s your first tri you have to go attend this session. It will make you feel so much more prepared and confident on the day.

Tim McBride

Undecided about whether you should sign up for Try the Tri? Trust me, put all of your doubts and fear aside for a minute and just sign up. Promise you’ll have the best time ever.

Before I signed up, I really only ran recreationally, had not got back on my bike since stacking it on tram tracks, and had never swum in the open water. I figured it could only get better from here.And it did. From day one, you’ll make friends with your fellow tri mates, you’ll be supported by incredible coaches no matter what level you’re at, you’ll be inspired to push yourself more than you imagined, and you’ll have SO MUCH FUN.Go on - do it. We’d love to meet you!

Shereen Mathew

Session gave the necessary insight for a newbie like myself. Particularly the intro to the course and explanation which helped on race day - the knowing of what and where.

Being my first triathlon, I researched lots of advice on Youtube before this session. However, the real life instruction by clearly a seasoned instructor together with seeing many other clueless newbies like myself gave a whole better and inspiring perspective. Contemplating on their training course now for training efficiency and motivation.


As someone doing my first triathlon, attending the Tips & Tricks session gave me a lot more confidence. I got some useful tips on each discipline of the triathlon, but I think the most important part was understanding how the transitions work. Walking through that process on Saturday helped me feel a lot less nervous about the race.

I'd recommend the session to anyone doing their first triathlon

Scott M

They were fantastic! I was a newcomer and the tips were so helpful and infomative.

It gives you a sense of calm and fun when you feel nervous

Melonie Taylor

100% recommend worth attending one of these sessions before your first tri. The reassurance alone on what to expect is completely worth it. Ollie covers everything and you walk away from this session excited and less anxious about the unknown.

You've been training your swim technique (pool and open water), getting the k's in on your bike each week, and clocking the runs as often as you can, but never considered how transitions can affect your overall time. The little details on how you lay out your equipment, or what to do when you come out of the water make a world of difference. The specifics on these details are more important than I realised, not worth making all these mistakes first-hand when you can avoid them.

Daniel Wearne

Quite honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done! On the first day we were told the hardest part was signing up and that was 100% correct. We were supported every step of the way and achieved things I never thought possible

Making some amazing new friends. Discovering a love of swimming in the ocean. Surprising myself. Learning how to run properly. The fun tri in Port Arlington in the toughest conditions but getting through it was amazing. Crossing the line at St Kilda after the sprint! All those weeks of training was all worth it at that moment. Losing 5cm from my waist was pretty great as well. Cannot talk the program up enough. Ollie, Michelle, Paddy and Steph were all amazing and so welcoming to all my stupid questions 🙂

Denise Houlihan

The information you shared with me made me more relaxed as I was going to attempt my first triathlon. It first sounded daunting, however, the way you presented the tips showed me that it is a process and we must have to “transition” form one process step to another.

I gained valuable tips that allowed me to be more efficient (and come 1st in my category). I still live by those tips you taught me, and I believe many others can become more comfortable with trying a tri.

Jaeda Louw

100% recommend for anyone considering doing a triathlon (of any length). I took part in Try the Tri and was overwhelmed by how much valuable information and training you get. I honestly had no idea there was so much to learn about triathlons!What I really love about the program (and also Tri Alliance) is that it is so inclusive. Every training session is designed so that it doesn’t matter what level you are at that sport, it’s all about your own improvements, but with the support of everyone at the sessions to help you get there.


This was a great briefing session for me as a first timer to triathlons. Knowing the way to manage a transition, the technical ruless and also pre race nutrition we’re all helpful.

The team are friendly and experienced. It’s a great introduction to the sport!

James Della-Porta

the best decision i've made was to join the try the tri . i was a bit worried at first not knowing what to expect and i have never participated in a triathlon before but ollie and the coaches put me at ease and has help me in in all levels from gaining confident and the determination to keep on going. but i have to warn you IT IS VERY ADDICTIVE once you Tri you never go back 🙂

the finish of my first triathalon is on top of the list followed by the open water swim . the morning training and watching the sun rise and not to forget the afternoons training and watching the sunset . And on a personal point what i have achieve with the help of the coaches is just amazing.

olivier Hitie

I signed up to Tri-Alliance to get myself ready for my very first triathlon. Suffice to say, it went brilliantly but more importantly I loved every moment of it. Everyone apart of Tri-Alliance was super welcoming. The coaches are very knowledgably and always providing advice. The training was very well organised and focused on developing everyone’s skills and confidence no matter their fitness and skill level. My favourite sessions were Thursday nights at Elwood, training hard pushing through the pain with a backdrop of the beach, light breeze and romantic sunset (hard to beat). Race day was another level for me; it was an amazing atmosphere with everyone cheering each other on in the comfort of the mighty Taj

Simon Lee

That's the perfect opportunity and program for starting our Triathlon journey. The programs always finish with a Triathlon race, the sessions are held on a race like environment, the coaches have an excellent technical expertise, and they know how to transfer the right amount of information in the right time, and the time table, training load, and locations were really convenient.

The highlight for me was the combination of training with purpose and like-minded people.

Raphael Maciel

Took both kids before their first tri. It helped them with tips and trick and was also hugely beneficial to me to in hearing all of the info and helping the kids through their prep and race strategy. Thanks to Ollie and the team.

This is an amazingly helpful sssion and I would consider it a ‘must do’ before your first tri. Loved the laces demo and the swimming tips and tricks.

Peter Cox

It's free and you have nothing to lose. On top of that you learn alot to improve on your tranining with hands on coaching.

The other members and the quality of the training.

Sarah Ryan

Brilliant essential information for a first timer

Tips helped make race day less daunting

Tess Rivers

Session was really helpful and informative. Tips about swimming in open water were especially useful, transition, and during the run. I tried some of them out even when I was running and I got a PB in my run leg!!!

Eases pre-race nerves for first timers

Cynthia Stacey

For beginners a Triathlon experience can be very challenge! Ollie and his professional team in TriAlliance make this period very special! They are able to teach, encourage and help any beginner that faces any kind of difficulty!

The encouragement and motivation Tri Alliance coaches give us was the best experience for me!


I can’t believe we got this level of training for free! My biggest fear was swimming in the open water and the bi weekly swims at Elwood beach and the tips from the coaches were priceless. In 4 weeks with the support of the Tri-Alliance coaches and virtually one on one coaching most times I successfully managed to swim 200 meters out to the Elwood Beach pole. Never ever thought I’d manage this and I’m so grateful to the team for their encouragement. The support on race day at Portarlington was amazing. It was great to visit the Tri-Alliance Marquee and have so many friendly faces greet me and have somewhere to relax before and after my event. Thanks Tri-Alliance team. You rock!

Anna Kyriakos

Try the Tri is an awesome program teaching basic skills needed for 1st timers run by a team of fabulous coaches. The sessions keep you focused and motivated and the advice is always useful. The team have years of experience and train non professionals to elites in an atmosphere that is all inclusive and everyone trains to the best of their abilities.

Coming from a mainly solitary background of 21 years of long distance running I thoroughly enjoyed feeling part of a team and being supported by the coaches. I hadn't swum distances since I was 15 and had to step right out of my comfort zone and take on learning new skills needed for open water swimming. There's no way I could have completed the swim without all the coaching I received over the 6 weeks. I went from floundering over 25 metres to being able to swim 700 metres without stopping thanks to Ollie, Steph, Michelle and Paddy. Being able to complete my 1st triathlon at the end of 6 weeks was great fun and so much more enjoyable being part of a team! Thanks for the experience Tri-Alliance star coaches!

Evie Dora

If you have ever considered doing a triathlon, this is the program for you. It’s amazing how quickly you get hooked on the training and how much you notice improvements in your fitness and skills. Plus you get to meet really great people who are in the same boat as you. The coaches are fantastic and couldn’t be more supportive. Their knowledge and ability to turn you into triathletes is outstanding.

When I started I couldn’t run very far, I was slow on the bike and swimming in the ocean was nerve racking. But now I can do all three and enjoy it! I’ve made some awesome friends and the whole Tri Alliance family are a great bunch. I couldn’t be prouder that I have now completed two triathlons and am keen to go back for more.

Donna Sullivan

It gave me more confidence in riding my bike and taught me how to swim in the ocean!

It was a great introduction into triathlon with very friendly and helpful coaches!

Stephanie Mourad

Try the Tri

It was a great experience to be part of Try The Tri with TriAlliance. Ollie and his team of professionals are really passionate for Triathlon and able to guide any beginner in this new challenge!! I really enjoyed that!!


It was great preparation knowing the course and transition well. All the transition walk through and tips for swimming and ‘not drafting’ on the bike were very valuable. First triathlon for me and ranked very well overall as well as second in my age group. No surprises on race day thanks to the tips and tricks session. Very valuable

Absolutely.... it’s all about preparation! Especially if they are a first timer, I would suggest that’s it’s essential. That maze of bikes and fences and chutes all makes sense and also creates awareness of what everyone is doing and so makes the course safer for everyone.

Cathy Moncrieff

It's a great way to test the water and see if triathlons are for you. You get to train alongside amazing like minded people who end up becoming your friends and the coaches are so welcoming, motivating and understanding. I warn you though, it's uplifting and addictive!

Meeting new friends who give this program a real social element, swimming at Elwood Beach with the sun setting, employing a routine of a healthy lifestyle and of course getting fitter faster than I would training by myself. I really enjoyed my first race with the group too and all their encouragement.

Kristina Khoo

This is your chance to find out what the world of triathlon is all about. You will learn from some great coaches, meet some amazing people and have a great time. Regardless of your fitness level or abilities, this program will give you what you need to get ready for your first triathlon. I put off doing this for a long time and I just wish I had joined sooner.

The thing that makes TA so great is the people. There are awesome coaches, athletes and supporters at every session and race.

Aaron Mitchelson

This was my third season of Triathlons; I have competed in two full seasons. I have learnt so much from the Tips & Tricks sessions. I have learnt about the small things, to the significant ones. So much, I can’t begin to explain; transition tips, shoe laces, nutrition, endurance strategies, breathing, etc. so helpful!

Because you guys have the knowledge, the experience and the wisdom. You deliver it with passion and entertainment. I go every time and always walk away with something new.

Vanessa Baylis

If you want to get involved in the sport of Triathlon there is no better place to start than Try the Tri! The program will exceed your expectations. Every session is different, tailored to your needs, you will pick up valuable knowledge from the coaches to implement your own training so try not to miss a session! I could not recommend Try the Tri highly enough, you will come out a new highly improved version of yourself once you've completed the course.

The whole Try the Tri program was easily one of the best things I've ever done my whole life. Prior to the program I had a fear of the open water, had not swum deeper than my toes could touch and very unfit with my cardio. This all changed and looking back, as amazing as it felt crossing the finish line on event day, the true highlights of my experience were within the training stage with my team. The camaraderie in our group was incredible and the support from the experienced coaches was second to none. Thanks Tri-Alliance!

Kester Adalia

Great pre-race tips, increased my confidence. Tip about hydration the day prior to the triathlon very beneficial to me as I hadn’t considered this. Also alternatives to gels for energy and elastic races.

Important little tips that can make a massive difference to your triathlon experience

Guin Cleminson

Conquering my first triathlon was much more than just a physical feat. It was about shocking myself out of my comfort zone and learning to face my fears and challenge them, rather than run from them. The trainers were super genuine and supportive and I didn’t feel like I was competing with anyone else but myself. Highly recommend giving Tri-Alliance a go if you’re looking to challenge yourself, have some fun and meet some inspiring people.

Jo Greig

Thanks to Tri-Alliance for this opportunity to complete my first Tri, and all the coaches Paddy Fitzgerald Ollie Allan Michelle Bond Steph Anderson for the intensive training, practical tips and preparation. An amazing program, would definitely recommend Tri-Alliance to any aspiring triathlete. I felt good and confident about what to do (after the pre race walk through session) and had a great experience on race day. Thanks again!

Kath Ng

The benefits are amazing. I came into the try the tri program not knowing what to expect. I always wanted to do a triathlon but thought it wasnt for me. I’m not fit, I’m a size 16 and in no way sporty! I was nervous that I would be judged as an outsider as I am not sporty. But it was completely the opposite I have made numerous friends and the support and guidance from the coaches was excellent - exactly what I needed that was personalised in a group setting. I have now competed my first triathlon as a fun tri and am so proud of myself. I’m super excited I canceled my gym membership to continue training with tri alliance to build up my ability and fitness towards a triathlon sprint.

The friends I have made Swimming in the ocean as the sun sets Learning how to run (even if it’s slow) Buying my first ‘proper’ bike ?

Karina bruce

It’s one great big Tri-tastic family! Everyone cares & everyone supports you - not just the coaches - everyone!

Kat Adams

It made me feel much more prepared for my first triathlon, and i was comforting knowing that there were so many first timers out there with the same worries as me! Greatly prepared me for the swim which I was the most worried about. Everyone was really friendly.


Sarah Cheong

The coaches at Tri-Alliance have an infectious passion for triathlon and supporting every athlete to achieve their best. Whether it be as a competitive athlete or a new comer to the sport, you become a part of the Tri-Alliance community and equipped with the skills to continue as a triathlete.

Completing my first triathlon with confidence and sharing the journey with like minded people.

Emma King

Being my first ever Tri...the information was absolutely invaluable! Thank you!

Heaps of little tips and techniques...particularly if you are newbie!

Sat Rajan

Good tips for transition, calmed my nerves, clear understanding of how event would run.

I really enjoyed the session, learnt & laughed a lot!

Evelyn Loveband

I’d always wanted to do a triathlon and took the plunge and entered the 2XU series but thankfully stumbled across the Try the Tri programme. Goodness knows what I’d have done without it!!The TA coaches are fantastic! No question was too trivial (and I had lots). The six week programme had us all well drilled and confident to give it a go in the race. It’s been brilliant to be part of the TA gang, thanks for having me 🙂

Lindsey Berne

Not quite new to triathlon but was still reminded of a couple of things I had forgotten .. I picked up the obvious importance of why pulling wetsuit arms and legs help mobility when swimming and a useful suggestion that has helped make transitions quicker.

For someone that is starting out it definitely puts you more at ease and builds confidence

Cheryl Freeman

Everyone is so supportive! The atmosphere at the group sessions is so motivating, no matter what level you are

I looked forward to every session and loved seeing improvements in my fitness and swim/bike/run techniques. Everyone who participated got along really well and Tri Alliance has created an amazing culture. After 6 weeks I am hooked to triathlons and can’t wait for next season!

Olivia Rugg

Because it motives you to train with like minded people and push yourself to achieve your goals.

Training as a group and seeing all the hard work pay off on race days

Jeremy Robinson

Try the Tri pushed my fitness and drive to a whole new level. It gave me a goal, the tips and tools to achieve it, and a Tri-Fam to motivate me. I felt more energetic and balanced in every aspect of my life, and pushed through some mental and physical boundaries that had been in my way for a long while. Find out what you’re capable of!

- Watching the sun set over the bay at Elwood Beach after a hard session - like magic! - Meeting and connecting with like-minded people, all driven and finding passion in our goal no matter our fitness levels! - Crossing that line at the end of 8 weeks and knowing I had done the very best that I could.

Phoebe Naughton

I was so anxious about my transitions, so having Ollie meticulously step through the process really helped me! I also didn't know if I should bother sinking money into things like glide and gels, I was so relieved to hear that vaseline and jelly snakes would do the trick!

As a first timer I found the triathlon clinic really put my anxiety to rest, and the community were so welcoming! The team had some really useful advice on what to eat, wear, and prep the night before, and allowed me to just enjoy the day rather than sweating over small things!


Because it is great! I learnt quite a lot and all of that for free. On top of that, the people is amazing, we had lots of fun and I also did some really good friends. FInally, Thanks to Try-the-Tri I managed to improve my triathlon times quite a lot, thanks to all the tips on how to be faster in transitions and also because the training made me more fit.

Racing and having the whole TA team cheering for you with those TriAlliance bells! Sunsets at Elwood Beach while swimming were pretty amazing too.

Jonatan Castro

The try the tri program has been truly life changing for me and I'm am totally hooked. All thanks to the team of coaches at Tri Alliance who have been absolutely amazing!!!! Try the tri has given me more energy than ever before and through this has also given me the patience as a parent that I so very much needed. It's given me drive and passion! I have been existing in flow these past months and loving being there :):)

The biggest highlight for me has been being part of a team and having amazing coaches around me. The Tri-Alliance team has such a great energy and I look forward to being a permanent member 🙂

Tara Catterall

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