AthleteRace #
COOPER, Juliet988
FLEGO, Ian240
GROCOCK, Michelle340
HAMILTON, Joel1186
MERVIN, Georgina845
NUGENT, Greg1153
OLIVEIRA, Eduardo670
ROBINSON, Jeremy434
TILDERS, Stephen965
TUNAS, Pam1097
WOOD-RICH, Andy241
WRIGLEY, Sean488


Name: Juliet Cooper

Nickname: Jules/Coops/Monty’s mum

Fun Fact about yourself: I used to be Ollie’s boss

Triathlon History: 2006 started in first mini now completed 5 Ironman so far! Chases Monty around to the rest of short course races!

Goals/Feelings for this race: Completely underdone with training due to travelling the world chasing Monty.  23 flights this year USA, Europe, Asia.

Goals/Feelings for this race: is to just finish.

How will you celebrate: Champagne & time with family & friends & by entering another one!

Name: Ian Flego

Nickname: Flego

Fun Fact about yourself: I am a nerd at heart!

Triathlon History: being doing tri for more than 25 years – I’m old.

Goals/Feelings for this race: have had to recalibrate goals as an old back injury has flared up.  Aim now is to get through without any drama!

How will you celebrate: a bucket of KFC!

Name: Michelle Grocock

Nickname: Shelly

Fun Fact about yourself: god, I don’t know….

Triathlon History: this is number 9 full distance IM race for me

Goals/Feelings for this race: no goals, no expectations, get out there and try and enjoy it, smile for the finish line

How will you celebrate: Champagne at the finish line (as always), Christmas holiday in Sri Lanka, then back to it for IM Texas

Name: Georgie Mervin

Nickname: G, Georgie Hagan

Fun Fact about yourself: did Geelong 70.3 in 2009, found incredibly hard then found out I was 9 weeks pregnant. And to think Michelle Vesterby doing and IM, insane!!

Triathlon History: started way back in 2000, mainly sprint with the odd OD and 70.3. Oh, went to worlds in NZ 2002 – didn’t have an amazing day out.

Goals/Feelings for this race: 1) know I’ve completed the training, and respect the distance 2) finish the race and 3)enjoy the day if that’s at all possible and hang tough when it’s hurting

How will you celebrate: definitely a beer or 2!

Name: Greg Nugent

Nickname: The General

Fun Fact about yourself: Contrary to popular belief I am not Grumpy

Triathlon History: My first Triathlon was the BRW Corporate Triathlon, one of my work colleagues talked me into it, they dressed me in a lime green two-piece outfit that was fully see through when wet. It wasn’t a pretty sight 96kg unfit beetroot red, gut exposed finish line photo. And that was the start of the love affair with Triathlon, some 15+ years ago. I started out doing the Brooks/Active Feet Mini Tri with Tri-Alliance and since that time have completed many sprint and Olympic Distance events, represented Australia at the Age Group World Championships 3 times, raced around the World, lost count of the 70.3’s I have raced and this year will be lining up for Ironman Number 14 and my 10th in a row at Busselton.

Goals/Feelings: I am extremely underdone for this one, my body has not allowed me to do the things I have needed to do to ensure a good race, nevertheless, 10 in row was one of my major goals and I will not let anything get in the way of crossing the finish line. I know it will hurt.

How will you celebrate: I don’t know how I will celebrate this one, most probably raise my arms when I cross the line, then again, I might just walk quietly over the line without any fanfare, shed a tear and contemplate the journey so far.

Name: Eduardo Oliveira

Nickname: Eddy

Fun Fact about yourself: I love eating my desert together with my main meal. Weird? I know… Everyone tells me that. A-l-l t-h-e t-i-m-e! That’s probably why I love the sweet and salty popcorn so much!

Triathlon History: I started doing triathlon in January 2017. I did the Gatorade series that year, Challenge Melbourne (Sprint distance) in April and two 70.3 races since then Challenge Shepparton and IM 70.3 Geelong) in November 2017 and February 2018 respectively. I’m a newbie in this sport.

Goals/Feelings for this race: Honestly, I just want to finish the race feeling strong. I want to have an enjoyable experience. I’m not aiming for any particular time as this is my first full IM. Crossing that red carpet will be a dream, regardless of time! I did all the preparation, I followed my program and, right now, I’m feeling mentally and physically exhausted (like I’ve never felt before). This journey has taught me so much about myself, about determination, resilience, patience, self-control… It definitely put me out of my comfort zone many times.  Now it’s time to go to Busso to celebrate the big day with family and friends.  One step at a time. I’ll take it slow as this is my first full IM and I really respect the distances and challenges involved in this race.

How will you celebrate: running back to my AirBnb, located 36km away from the finish line (okay… just kidding).  I’ll celebrate this achievement for a long time. Certainly an experience that I’ll always keep in my mind. Unforgettable already.  To start, I’ll have some drinks with my partner and my TRI-ALLIANCE buddies and coaches in Busselton. We will need to drink together!  After that, I want to have celebrations here in Melbourne with other TRI-ALLIANCE friends. They were always part of my journey and I could never get this far without them.  We definitely need to have some drinks together I’ll organise something for us for sure.  I also want to take a quick break on the training sessions (just to remind myself that I can go to bed after 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays, that I can wake up after 4.30am on the weekends and that I still have friends to catch up for drinks, hehehe). Just a few days.  Lastly, while still processing the whole experience/journey, I’d love to have coffees/brunches after my short training sessions on the weekends [oh yeah. they’ll be super short for a while. Luna park and back? I’m in! :P] when I return.

Name: Jeremy Robinson

Nickname: Jezza or jez

Fun Fact about yourself: shaved my legs for the first time two weeks ago

Triathlon History: 2 sprints, 1 half a week ago

Goals/Feelings for this race: Goal is to finish with a good run and recover well enough for port Mac next year. Feeling good, bit nervous but generally good

How will you celebrate: Gotta finish first before celebrating!

Name: Stephen Tilders

Nickname: Steve or Tilders

Fun Fact about yourself: Often mistaken for Ollie when our riding

Triathlon History: I started Triathlon in 2014 when I joined Tri-Alliance and did my first sprint distance. Did my first half at Challenge Melbourne in 2015 and have now completed 4 half distance tri’s. Busselton will be my first full distance Ironman.

Goals/Feelings for this race: I don’t really have a goal other to complete it! Running has always been a weakness so will be very happy to just run the marathon well. I’m feeling pretty good and prepared now. My training has been consistent and injury free and I’m just keen to get over there and get it done!!!

How will you celebrate: I’ll celebrate with my amazing partner Jen who’s been fantastic support, and I’ll be out searching for donuts Monday morning.

Name: Pam Tunas

Nickname: Pammy

Fun Fact about yourself: People say how I get the training done? my motto is, always keeping it happy, keeping it moving.  When I hit out, I don’t have any expectations from myself other than to complete the session as per the program. Being fast, slow or personal best is dependent on how my body feels on the day. Being out there and about is a privilege meditation.

What do I keep in my run pouch during a long run?

Some spare tissues in case you need to go as you never know when you might get stuck.

Word of advice? Two words, butt cream! In the training leading up to Busso the rides get longer and longer, such as completing a 200K ride from Elwood to Point Nepean was a highlight and a very long day on the saddle. On my last ride, I ran out and ouch did I certainly feel the pain! So, it’s a must to use this cream, Yes! even for the most experienced that haven’t ridden long rides before.

Triathlon History: Long-time member with Tri Alliance for almost 10 years as solo and 3yrs with my girls and Hubby / family membership. When I started this sport, I did not know how to swim, not much could be said about my riding as last time I had ridden was when I was about 9yrs old. A bike that I shared amongst my 3 siblings. Run: equally as the riding: last run was done when I was in middle school, many, many years ago. I started the sport at 44 years of age, with no back ground in any discipline. Ever grateful to the gem of a coach – Ollie Allan and the team of TA coaches in getting me where I am today. Have completed 6 half IM races and 1 partial, full Ironman due to the swim cancelled at Busso last year in 2017, we did not earn the title of being called an IRONMAN. So hopefully this year it will be my first full if the swim doesn’t get cancelled due to shark sightings, fingers crossed.

Goals/Feelings for this race? To finish the race feeling strong and happy.

How will you celebrate: With family and friends.

Name: Andy Wood-Rich

Nickname: BumbleB

Fun Fact about yourself: I’m actually super shy. Not long ago I would avoid large groups, my greatest fear was public speaking or simply addressing a group.

Triathlon History: I signed up for the fun/enticer race series 10 years ago after a colleague mentioned it to me at work – he did one race and never again, I was hooked. 2 seasons of fun tris I graduated to the Sprint distance and with it joined the Try-the-Tri group. From sprint I moved onto 70.3 races and began to focus on long course events. I’ve since lost count of my half-iron distance races, Busso will be my 9th full Ironman

Goals/Feelings for this race: My build towards Busso has not been ideal and I’m working through some overuse issues, so my goals have been adjusted accordingly. I have made some gains in my swim technique, so I’ll be chasing a good swim time and then looking to close out the race with a good run (thinking a sub 4hour marathon). something I’ve not achieved in my last 3 Ironman marathons.

How will you celebrate: There is no place like an Ironman finish line, I can’t wait to get there and spend the rest of the day congratulating the first-timers, swapping stories and perhaps even get back out on course to support – I love this sport!!


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