Eduardo Oliveira341
Rafael Nascimento595
Raphael Barbosa Maciel656
Xu Chen668
Liza Kierans816
Timothy Hodge1062
Stephen Tilders1146
Juliet Cooper1167


Name: Sebastian (Xu) Chen

Race #: 668

IM history: This will be my first full Ironman. And I did three half before which are Shepparton, Geelong and Cairns. Best one was 5 hours 40 mins

How has this journey gone so far: This ironman journey was awesome, it has been about 5 months’ training with the terrific TA crew.

What are your thoughts about Busso: I think Busselton will be a fantastic race because it’s fast and flat. But could be windy and hot. So if I could finish under 12 hours, I would be really really happy.

What are you most looking forward to: I looking forward for my first ironman finish line. I want to prove I can be an ironman.

What are you worried about: just a little worry about the cycling period, finger cross everything goes well on my bike.

Favourite training session: My favourite session was when winter time we did the climbing to sky high and Kinglakes. It was really helpful and built up my strength and power. And after winter when we were back to beach road, I felt I was stronger on bike.

Your go-to training nutrition: I will follow the nutrition plan which Ollie sent to me before.

What’s for breakfast race morning: The breakfast on race day morning for me will be toast with peanut butter.

How will you celebrate: After finish the ironman WA, I will celebrate with my family and friends as ironman is like a dream come true.This ironman journey was awesome, it has been about 5 months’ training with the terrific TA crew.

“I would like to say many thanks to you and Ollie. I couldn’t finish all my programs without your help and advice. You know, swim and cycling are my weakness, about 1 and half years ago, I even couldn’t swim for 10 meters, but now I have finished three half ironman distance and very soon I will do a 3.8k swim at Busselton. It will be absolutely a huge changes on me.”

Name: Juliet Cooper

Race #1167

Currently tapering by riding 320km over 4 days on Great Victorian Bike Ride in South Australia & Victoria for work/school with limited technology.
Busso – It will be what it will be!!

Name: Raphael Barbosa Maciel

Race #: 656

IM history: 1 x 70.3 in Cairns, 2019

How has this journey gone so far: my journey for this IM has basically started in February with the preparation for the IM 70.3 in Cairns and that’s the reason I have been in the journey for almost 10 months. It has been a roller coaster of feelings and emotions. Sometimes I feel mentally strong but physically tired or vice versa. I really enjoy the training routine, but I feel that I need a time off. Now that we have done the longest weekend of training, I know that I can complete all the distances, but separately. So, the challenge at this moment is to stacking all the blocks and expecting for the best, just like the Jenga tower.

What are your thoughts about Busso: I have never been in WA, so all I know about Busso is because someone else has told me something. I prefer to be surprised instead of anticipating and searching for everything online. I have heard that the IM in Busso is amazing and it is the favorite race of many of our TA friends.

What are you most looking forward to: First to see the red carpet in the end of a long and exciting day, and second to swimming in that crystal-clear water from the pictures that the Ironman keeps sending me via email and Instagram.

What are you worried about: I was worried about not completing the preparation, for any reason (work, life commitments, etc.), but now that I have arrived here, I am worried about …. go back to regular life after race (and I’m probably not alone).

Favourite training session: That’s a difficult question! But if I have to pick one, I would choose the long rides on Saturday … wait, but I also like the long runs on Sunday. But there is also the Tuesdays in Albert Park and WT sessions, and Thursdays in The Tan and now in Elwood. I also can’t forget to include that amazing feeling after finishing the 5am swimming sessions. Sorry, but I can’t just choose one!

Your go-to training nutrition: An apple (pink lady!) on my way to the training session and it doesn’t matter if it is 5am or 6pm.

What’s for breakfast race morning: First thing to break the fast, water! After that, eggs with mushroom, pieces of bacon, spinach and capsicum, toast with butter and a cup of filtered/brewed coffee (in Brazilian style). After toilet, second round with bananas, honey, papaya, apple, another toast with fruit jam, and coffee.

How will you celebrate: Definitively, with tears on my eyes! And if I am not part of last hour finishers, I will be there supporting them.

Name: Stephen Tilders

Race #1146

IM history: This will be Ironman  #3 after having completed Busselton last year and Ironman Australia in May this year. 

How has this journey gone so far: Training has gone reasonably well. As this is my 3rd Ironman in a row over the last 12 months, I’m more tired than I thought I would be.

What are your thoughts about Busso: I loved the event last year. The whole experience was amazing and I’m super excited to be back again this year.

What are you most looking forward to: Finishing 🙂

What are you worried about: The swim – walls the swim!

Favourite training session: Hot laps, although I haven’t made as many sessions this year as I would have liked.

Your go-to training nutrition: Love a bakery run after a long ride/in sessions on the weekends 🙂

What’s for breakfast race morning: Some toast or English muffins.

How will you celebrate: Looking forward to celebrating the following day with Jen.



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