Tri-Alliance Race Series 2.0 Race #1 Results


Zwift Cycle Women

1st Sheridan Brown – 00:37:59

2nd Casey Malady – 00:40:16

3rd Jo Wood-Rich – 01:00:26


Zwift Cycle Men

1st Les Andrews – 00:37:37

2nd Nick Sparks – 00:38:00

3rd Shane Bamford – 00:40:16

4th Scott D’Aucourt – 00:40:51

5th Andy Wood-Rich – 00:40:53

6th Ollie Allan – 00:42:07


Zwift Cycle Junior

Cian Andrews – 00:30:32

Alek Andrews – 00:37:57


Outdoor Cycle Women

1st Denise Houlihan – 15.85km

2nd Kat Adams – 12.43km


Outdoor Cycle Men

1st Adrian Hind – 17.2km

2nd Nic Gilbert – 14.32km

3rd Jasper Wijnands – 12.5km


Windtrainer Women

1st Narelle Hayes – 0:42:43 


Windtrainer Men

1st Steve Mulder – 0:45:01

*NB Results are subject to review and Tri-Alliance reserves the right to disqualify any unverifiable, inconsistent or unrealistic result. If you wish to contest the results and have evidence to validate your performance or to seek further explanation, please contact [email protected]


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