There was a lot to learn when I started my triathlon journey.  Some things I had thought about and other things I hadn’t even considered.  I thought all I needed was bathers, goggles, bike and helmet and shoes to run in.  How wrong was I!   One thing I hadn’t expected was chafing…eek!

Yeah, I’d run a couple half marathons before, but I had never got it.  Well, that was until I put together the combination of the wrong sports bra and and increase in my training load.  Now for me, I’ve always had to train with a sports bra and a crop top bra as I’m lucky to have bigger boobs (see bigger isn’t always better!).  If you’re lucky like me then I hope these few things will help your triathlon journey in this department. If you haven’t experienced chafing yet, do everything you can to avoid it!  It hurts, it scars if you do nothing about it and in sensitive areas it’s not fun!  Trust me!




Talk to any of the coaches and they can advise on what products are out there, however the one I use and that I find works for me is Ego Silic 15 Cream. I got it from Chemist Warehouse, but it’s available from Priceline and other pharmacies too. I apply a big smear right under my boobs before I put my sports bra on.

Sports Bra

The next thing you need to do is get the right sports bra.  I’ve pretty much had to do anything possible to strap my boobs down to exercise.  So it was time to get fitted properly for a sports bra.  I was recommended a place called She Science.  They put you on a treadmill and you can try different sports bras on to determine which one is best for you. I made an appointment, went along and was fitted with one that I wouldn’t have even considered.  It has changed my life!  I no longer wear two bras and have not had chafing since!  I wear it under my Tri Suit when I train and when I race.

I’m still new to triathlon, but I’m well and truly in it for the long haul.  I learn something new in each session, from the coaches and from other athletes.  My best advice is to ask questions and don’t be embarrassed of this subject or ANY subject!  Chances are, we’ve all experienced it or know someone who has.


* Text by Janine O’Grady Pics by Paul Ghica, Aus Tri Mag and Michelle Bond


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