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Season opener of the 2XU Triathlon Series went off with a bang on Sunday and the Tri Alliance army was definitely out in force!  There was a sea of blue and yellow everywhere you looked and the new tri-suits looked amazing (not to mention easy to pick, which as we know = more cheers for you)!!!  Even though there was no swim (definitely right decision by Elwood Life Saving), that didn’t stop our athletes going out there and smashing their goals.  Congrats to our latest and greatest bunch of debutantes, who have been working their butts off for 6 weeks in our TTT program.  Not only making the finish line, some found their way straight up to the podium as well!  Awesome results from everyone on the day, check them out below.  Special shout out to Cuzzy, who broke the 1hr barrier in a very competitive AG, and to Soph, Teegs, Lara, Andrea, Chloe (yeah the girlz!) and MISTRY for finishing on the top step of their AGs and to Riley, Chris, Monty, Janine, Rachel, Stephen and Lindsey for their podium placings.   Huge effort by all!

1stLaraBurnsFun TriF 14 – 150:24:18
1stSophiePerrySprint TriF 25 – 291:01:53
1stTeganBurnsSprint TriF Jnr Elite1:02:10
1stSteph/Gary/BondyMISTRYSprint TriTeam1:03:57
1stAndreaStrannaSprint TriF First Timer1:11:20
1stChloeTurnerSprint TriMulticlass1:18:41
2ndRileyEagerFun TriF 14 – 150:24:22
2ndChrisLawrenceSprint TriClydesdale1:07:06
2ndMontyCooperSprint TriMulticlass1:14:35
2ndJanineOgradySprint TriAthena1:27:03
3rdRachelReynoldsFun TriF 40 – 490:26:55
3rdStephenBondSprint TriM 65 – 691:12:49
3rdLindseyBerneSprint TriF First Timer1:12:58
4thNicholaMuserFun TriF 12-130:24:13
4thAlisonEldridgeFun TriF 40 – 490:27:43
4thBarryGilbertsonSprint TriM 60 – 641:05:45
4thKathrynWhalleySprint TriF 40 – 441:07:30
5thAnthonyCuzzupeSprint TriM 40 – 440:58:42
6thStephaniePurcellFun TriF 40 – 490:28:12
7thVashaAzoorSprint TriF 50 – 541:34:57
8thPaulBurnsSprint TriM 50 – 541:04:43
8thAnthonyKellySprint TriM First Timer1:07:46
9thKimGirdwoodFun TriF 50 +0:36:05
9thLisaZilberpriverSprint TriF 40 – 441:12:37
12thFranciscoRodriguez SaavedraSprint TriM Open1:08:39
12thSarahFrancisSprint TriF First Timer1:17:56
13thKatAdamsFun Trif 30 – 390:31:58
13thJuan PabloLanzaniSprint TriM Open1:09:04
14thAnnaMckenzieSprint TriF 30 – 341:13:20
14thMeganSmithSprint TriF 45 – 491:18:16
14thGuinCleminsonSprint TriF 40 – 441:25:34
16thIsabelleDarcyFun TriF 12 – 130:27:56
16thShereenMathewSprint TriF 35 – 391:22:32
17thNicoGrau MolinaSprint TriM Open1:10:50
17thCarlaFordSprint TriF 35 – 391:22:42
17thLiaDarcySprint TriF 45 – 491:23:08
19thRodAnthonyFun TriM 50 +0:33:01
19thClaireImraySprint TriF 30 – 341:16:02
20thMichaelScobieSprint TriM First Timer1:10:17
20thClaireO ReillySprint TriF First Timer1:24:47
20thKarenHendrickxSprint TriF 40 – 441:33:28
21stLiamStephensSprint TriM First Timer1:10:32
21stTessaSalmonsSprint TriF 45 – 491:33:14
22ndPaulGrahamSprint TriM First Timer1:10:32
22ndDonnaSullivanSprint TriF 30 – 341:17:51
23rdJennyCollinsSprint TriF 30 – 341:18:15
24thKristinaKhooSprint TriF 30 – 341:18:40
25thAnnaButlerSprint TriF 30 – 341:19:04
26thCarlosQuinteroSprint TriM First Timer1:11:43
27thSophieCarterSprint TriF 30 – 341:21:59
28thTaylorSextonSprint TriF 25 – 291:25:22
31stTereseLarsenSprint TriF 30 – 341:31:50
32ndSebastienDarcySprint TriM 15 – 191:12:18
34thCelesteWebbieSprint TriF First Timer1:35:08
36thLesJordanSprint TriM 40 – 441:11:36
36thGustavoValentimSprint TriM First Timer1:14:02
37thDinakshaHemachandraSprint TriM 30 – 341:07:56
39thRebeccaPearceSprint TriF First Timer1:45:19
43rdRaphaelMacielSprint TriM 35 – 391:07:47
46thKevinDalySprint TriM First Timer1:15:51
50thPetrosLambisSprint TriM 35 – 391:10:45
51stJamesDella-PortaSprint TriM 45 – 491:14:45
53rdJamesGardnerSprint TriM 35 – 391:12:44
55thRhysGilhomeSprint TriM 40 – 441:16:07
57thChrisPapaSprint TriM 30 – 341:14:25
57thJoeWojcikSprint TriM First Timer1:18:13
58thDillonLeSprint TriM 40 – 441:17:06
59thOlivierHitieSprint TriM 35 – 391:15:11
60thMichaelRobertsonSprint TriM 30 – 341:15:30
68thDaveHughesSprint TriM First Timer1:22:15
70thJoeyYusof VesseySprint TriM First Timer1:22:42
DNFJulietForsythSprint TriF 40 – 44


Another race year done and dusted. I know the Australia Race season has only just started but I have been working on the North Hemisphere race season this year. It started all back last year in December when I got my ballot place for Escape from Alcatraz. My first off-shore race, it’s an iconic race for North America very much like Noosa is for us. Due to Bruce (aka a Fish issue) in Busso last year I got given a discount code to use. I had already signed up for Sunny Coast Half Ironman and Noosa. I had a discount code and I needed to find a race, Busso entries weren’t open so I picked Western Sydney. Weekend trip up to Sydney for a little race and back on Monday, easy right? No. I trained with the Busso 2018 crew but cut the program short by 1 week for taper. Worse was I had a little dismount accident 10 days out of from Noosa so I missed this last bit of training. This weekend had it all, it started with a delayed flight follow by flights having to Circle work into Sydney due to high winds. With that being said it was one of the smoothest lands I have ever had. Western Sydney is some hour and bit away from the airport. The Hotel I stayed at was only 10mins away from the race course. Saturday morning I did a little roll over the run course and little run. The body is feeling tied from big builds, lots of racing. Sydney in the leadup to this weekend has been super windy, dust storms, etc. but this morning there was next to no wind. I setup my bike, dropped my gear off at the gear tent and made my way to the swim start, it’s held in the Sydney Olympic Rowing venue. A fresh water swim no bay swim, yesterday the officials made the call that it’s a wetsuit swim for the Age groups. Normally this event is non-wetsuit, thank god I brought my wetsuit. Also no warm up swim 😟, my wave start was right after the Pros, the hardest part was seeing up the rowing course due to the sun, also no currents either to work with. Lucky for me my bike was rack right at the end of row, nice and easy to find my position. Off with the wetsuit and on with the helmet and grab the bike and head out. Yesterday I drove the bike course and noticed the roads where not in great shape, lots of potholes, and poor road surfaces. My choice of not running at 120PSI was the right call. They say this course is flat, it’s not, few hills and technical with a few tight turns. Two laps of this course kept us all honest. After coming back into T2 and swap the bike shoes for runners. Just a little Half Marathon to go. The temp was on the raise, again the first half of the run course had a steady climb but once back around the rowing venue the course is flat the clouds cleared the sun was out in force and the wind increased. My feet where killing me felt like my shoes where 2 sizes smaller, but they weren’t. I recently have been advised by my Physio that I was am suffering from Morton’s neuroma (google it). It time to see a podiatrist. The run hurt, it hurt bad worse than I have experienced before, but I am glad to complete this event and if you are looking for something different in the 70.3 distance I can recommend Western Sydney. Huge thanks to all the messages of support over the last few days, to the Busso team and to Pam Fikriye for getting me there.

This is number 8 of the 70.3 Distance and my last for me (for a while) – So whats next? Off season, sleep-ins, smell the roses and think about what is next. Stay tuned.


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