Who am I?

I have been around triathlon and more importantly Tri-Alliance for about 14 years, on the sidelines supporting Andy in all his crazy adventures and supporting TA. I love pretty much any sport, those who know me well know that cricket is by far my favourite with AFL a close second. But I was the only kid in my family who would sit around and watch any sport and particularly loved watching the Olympics and Commonwealth games. So, watching and supporting triathlon and ironman events was awesome and I really enjoyed it. Every person I met asked me when I was going to do my first triathlon and my answer was the same “Never, I can’t do that I!”






How did you get here – doing this sport with us?

Fast forward to 2019, when a health scare nearly derailed an overseas trip to Thailand for Andy to do the camp and I decided changes needed to be made. Went to camp and Ollie indulged me and gave me achievable things to start with. We hit 2020 and right before the world shut down, I watched Andy do Ironman New Zealand and realised that hang on, if I set my mind to something I can do anything, and from that light bulb moment I signed up to Tri-Alliance as an official member and got a program and off I went. To be honest it kept me sane during lockdowns.

Finally, I decided I needed to do an actual triathlon so headed off to Elwood for a fun triathlon with Andy by my side. The swim was horrible.  Bike was interesting and the run was hard, but I finished, and I loved that finish line feeling!! Threw in a Sprint or two as well. So fast forward again and as lockdown dragged on, I thought it would be a great idea to get a spot at Noosa Triathlon…


Noosa was awesome! The race, the people, the support, and the atmosphere was just unbelievable. The achievement of just finishing was something I will never forget. But it has left me thinking about where to next so now I have the triathlon bug too.  I love the camaraderie in triathlon, it is a solo sport, but you are never truly alone.

Do you have any training or event goals this season?

I have many goals in the future but really want to do a full 2XU season. So, watch this space as I have bigger goals too.  I know the coaches and my mates will encourage and guide me to complete them!


What does it mean to you to be Tri-Alliance Ambassador this year? What can we expect from you as one of our ambassadors?

Being the TA Ambassador for 2023 is a full-circle moment for me, going from the sidelines to a fully-fledged athlete to being nominated and elected as Ambassador was pretty surreal for me. I love the family nature of this club; the coaches and the athletes are all incredibly encouraging and supportive no matter what level you are at.


As for what I want to achieve as Ambassador, well it’s pretty simple, I want to continue to encourage everyone to do their best and try their hardest, and keep reminding people it doesn’t matter what level you are at, I want to nurture people to reach their potential, whether it a World Championship spot or like me just to finish a race, we are all the same. I know full well I will never be the fastest or the most graceful athlete but people back me all the same. I want to make sure we have everyone’s backs and make sure everyone knows that.


BREATHE, BELIEVE, BATTLE!! Let’s do this!!


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