As a first-time attendee of the Tri-Alliance Winter Training camp, I wanted to write down my thoughts and share my experience.  This year, the camp at Lorne was attended by 67 athletes and Coaches, each pushing themselves physically and mentally, while having fun and learning loads at the same time.


My recap…

I went to camp aiming to merely survive and get through it without any major dramas. I exceeded my own expectations and not only survived but really enjoyed the achievements that came with the challenges!

The first ride on Saturday morning was probably the hardest for me. Having never completed a long ride since I’d switched my pedals over to cleats and I was sure that I was going to fall off and down the side of the cliff never to be seen again.  Clearly, I managed to stay on the road (the no traffic lights thing helped too).

I dreaded the hills, they hurt, but then coming down those hills was great fun, especially after the workshop with Ollie & Janno, where they showed us where to position ourselves on the bike for a climb and a decent – I then I started to enjoy both of them. When it hurt all you had to do was have a quick look at the gorgeous scenery and the pain was (temporarily) forgotten. After a couple more of those hard hilly rides I can honestly say that I’ve started to enjoy cycling and I’m really looking forward to getting a road bike and I think that I’ll enjoy riding even more. (I currently ride a hybrid – which is heavy lugging up the hills and far from streamline!)

The swim, well, it was cold. But it was fun and some great competition out there. I have no idea how Andy got in that water without a wetsuit though!

The runs, like the rides, were designed to give us a challenge, and they certainly did that. I’ve struggled with my running, but I pushed through and brought each run home strong (looking forward to the leg soaking perhaps?) and I worked out that I’ve actually got a pretty good second half in me if I can keep pacing myself on the way out.

Overall, it was a tough weekend, but so much fun. The coaches and other athletes are a great support. Staying onsite at the Lorne Lifesaving Club was great to get to know people outside of actually running, riding or swimming. Everyone is always willing to help you out or give you tips.

Lorne Camp Open Water Swimming

10 things I learnt at my first Training Camp…

1. Take the next day off work to unpack, do your washing and sleep!
2. Yes, you do need to take all that stuff
3. Wearing tracksuit pants to the pub is completely acceptable
4. Once you get past the 4-minute mark in the water the pain goes away, and it feels quite nice, and you will look forward to it
5. Always take an extra gel on the ride in case you drop one
6. Descending on the hills is fun and the climbing makes it worthwhile
7. Yes, you really, really do need to take all that stuff!
8. Going to bed at 8:30 on a Saturday night is okay
9. After a good sleep in your own bed you will want to go back for more, and mostly importantly….
10. You will achieve much more than you ever thought you could!


Thanks again to all the coaches. Looking forward to the next camp!!


What other athletes are saying…

  • Totally amazing, yet again, but this one was the best ever! Thanks to all the amazing coaches, the other athletes, the brilliantly beautiful Lorne and this year’s spectacular weather!” Sonia
  • Thanks for an awesome weekend. Really well polished and organised, loads of fun and bloody hard!” Tim
  • The Lorne Winter Training camp was the perfect opportunity to work as part of the TA Team, increase my training load and gain essential information from the coaches, seminars and workshops.  Most importantly, the camp experience allowed me to build my self-confidence as a triathlete by encouraging me to believe in my abilities and providing me with the reassurance that my body will do what my minds tells it to do!” Michelle
Tri-Alliance-Lorne-Camp Seminar

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