With 82 days to master swim, bike and run,

I challenged myself to a half IM as I thought it’d be fun.

A rough 12 week schedule was put into place,

I received many raised eyebrows when I told people I’d race.

5am alarms were set for 7 days a week,

I borrowed library books & training guides to become a triathlon geek.

I bought my first road bike, cleats and bib shorts,

Hoping no one would notice I was a rookie and self taught.

I quickly picked up bike lingo, hand signals and shouts,

Alerting others to cars, pot holes and when to clip out.

MSAC became my second home, I swam hundreds of laps,

I befriended a few regulars- some lovely old chaps!

Training can get lonely, it’s lots of time & KMs alone,

So I decided to find a group one day when I was at home.

With 6 weeks to go, I saw an ad for Try-the- Tri,

I signed up, showed up, smiled and said hi.

Ollie took us out into the ocean on our very first day,

Greg, the General, programed us to run and ride so many KMs a day.

Wind trainer sessions had me sweating more so than ever,

I’ll be forever grateful we did our TT’s to Frankston together.

I was introduced to wetsuits, learnt how to porpoise and to breathe,

Only once did the wall of jellyfish have me run out and leave.

The importance of nutrition was a topic well versed,

Admittedly I cant say it’s a practice I followed and rehearsed (sorry Greg).

The support was unwavering, the knowledge second to none,

I only wish I’d joined Tri Alliance as soon as I’d begun.

The team is made up of some of the best humans ever,

With undeniable talent, personality and good looks to measure!

Race day came, I finished third, and smiled the entire time,

Knowing I’d soon be celebrating with new friends over several glasses of wine.

TA are athletes, team mates and above all best friends,

Who go above and beyond to support you: beginning to the very end.

There are not enough thank you’s that can really be said,

So I guess I’ll just have to join up, and become part of the squad instead!

Han ?


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