Winter is coming and so is our beloved Lorne Camp!  Yaaaaaaaaay!!!


Who’s excited for camp? We certainly are!! And we thought we’d take this opportunity to get everyone else excited too (and fill you in on what to expect for those who haven’t been before)!


Lorne camp runs over 4 days, Friday to Monday – there’s an optional ride at lunchtime on Friday for those lucky ducks who can get the day off work. We stay at the Lorne Surf Lifesaving Club, there are rooms with bunk beds and it’s girls down one end and boys at the other. Yes, it’s a little like school camp but that’s part of the fun! Breakfast and Lunch are provided by the wonderful staff at the SLC and we head across the road to the Lorne Pub for dinner (where a drink or two is always welcome!).

Tri-Alliance-Lorne-Camp Yoga

Rides leave from the SLC each morning, just as the sun is rising. Bikes are stored below the club so you literally roll out of bed, get dressed, stumble downstairs and you’re ready to go! We ride along the Great Ocean Road with spectacular views and before you know, you’ve just ridden to Apollo Bay and back! Seriously, the views are sensational! Riding on the Great Ocean Road is an unique experience, think rolling hills, beautiful sunrises, not much traffic and the magnificent ocean during the whole ride.

Tri-Alliance-Lorne-Camp Riding

After a post-ride soak in the ocean, yes, in the ocean, in winter! There’s lunch and a variety of seminars, workshops and talks covering all topics from pilates or yoga, to strength and stretching, and all the extra legs of a triathlon, in addition to swim, bike, run! The afternoons see us head outdoors again for a run, making use of the beach and surrounding trails. Lots of technique, hills and more of the beautiful scenery! Another post-training dip and it’s time for dinner and more activities. All days follow a similar format with an ocean swim or two thrown in for good measure. It’s a great weekend away with likeminded friends and a good opportunity to meet others, get plenty of Instagram content to keep your fans happy and to challenge yourself and put a huge spike in your training.

Tri-Alliance-Lorne-Camp Seminar

There will be moments where you think you can’t go on, there will be moments it feels too hard but there will always be someone to encourage you and to keep you going and to help you realise that you are capable of way more than you ever thought! Once you’re back in Melbourne, of course the post-camp blues hit, but you’ll find yourself stronger than ever in all aspects of your training and you’ll be set, ready and raring to tackle the rest of your winter training with full strength and gusto!


Don’t miss it, this is certainly a beautiful experience to be shared!

Tri-Alliance-Lorne-Camp Morning Training

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