Tri Alliance Athlete at Challenge Melbourne

Mr Bondy! You made it! Congratulations! 


You just completed your first half distance triathlon, and not only did you complete it, you flew through to come away with a 2nd place podium, wow! How was your race? What were you thinking before the race, during the race and after the race?Challenge Melbourne Athlete


Aha, Hello Ambassadors (again) and thanks for that overstated intro ….. Yes, I did make it despite some self-doubts!  Thinking???  Can you do that when suffering from nervous anxiety??  How about – “get me outta here”!! 


Coaching advice for this event was “don’t max out on any leg”, “keep up the nutrition” and “zip it up before finishing!” On the beach start line hugging Phil, we looked out into the gloom thinking that we couldn’t even see the turn-around swim cans … and then we were off ….. on the adventure that had been 5 months in the making. The swim was surprisingly ‘calm’ for me, swimming under the pier was cool and then the TA pier yelling had me thinking there was only several hundred swim metres to go … T1 was relaxed, the bike leg I enjoyed, successfully drinking and eating and using the new aero bars and borrowed race wheels ……. T2 became a wakeup call that this experience was about to become more painful and hard work, now thinking I should have done a ‘team’ event!  The first 1km became 2km and then I needed to disconnect my brain from my body and go on auto pilot .. the championship quarter (my 3rd 5km run leg) I really had to focus against cramp, crap nutrition, chaffing in parts and places unmentionable and where was this turn around run sign!!!??


Challenge Melbourne AthleteThe homeward run leg was picking off one body in front of me at a time until that red finish chute appeared …. It was an agony/ecstasy moment – an immense relief to finish, to succeed and achieve your goal for yourself and for others who have supported you.  Thinking at this point??  I needed to keep moving mechanically, I needed the black magic juice, I needed to absorb the atmosphere, well wishes and emotions that surface after “mission accomplished”. Gary had written an excellent TA article on his IM training and feelings, and I now understand fully what the entire process does to you – the targets, the camaraderie, the purpose, the single focus, the single goal, the coaches and the training. It’s a package and you don’t want to be a weak link, so when it’s achieved, all of us at whatever level sense that relief and satisfaction.     


Would you do a half distance again? What about a full one?

Yes, I will consider and most likely do another half distance.  But……A full one??  Wow, I think I will need to relocate my living arrangements … maybe seek personal therapy and have a sanity test ….!  


What are your plans next? Will you take some time off or have you set your sights on your next goal? Do you have short course goals, duathlons, or running races in your sights? Or are you headed straight for more long course?

Ambassadors – this was to be a shorter interview?? I think it’s Eddy (Senor Zoolander) who just wants to keep talking!!  Ah … currently I have returned to a “normal” lifestyle, doing only running and eating, thinking about thinking about the next step … I have just done the Puffing Billy race, will do Run Melbourne, will do Duathlon series, I will need to seek advice on long course …. But at this moment, the future is full of exciting events – just like the TA wedding!!

Challenge Melbourne Athlete

Is there any advice you can share with other athletes, now that you have completed your first half distance? Is your advice any different? Would you do things differently next time?

Old (tick), wise (??) and full of wisdom (probably not) BUT ….. one sharing thought?? ……. whilst we do these challenges on our own, our achievements result from a TEAM effort.   Commitment, motivation, resources, programs, the highs/lows, our support – it’s a complete tri-package for u! Every new mission is different – you might tweak some items but don’t touch consistency, this is the core of any programme and there are no shortcuts …!!


Congratulations are also in order for being awarded Male Short Course Athlete of the Year at the TA EOSP 2018, how does that feel to be recognised by your fellow athletes?

Thank you Ambassadors and congratulations to you two as well on your respective awards. Initially on the night it was disbelief for me that I was a contender, it’s not a thought during the season ….. being recognised is a very humbling experience when voted on.  It’s also not just about me, but it’s an award for all of us who achieve in our own way …. Just making it to training then a start line from the couch is a positive forward step in health and well-being. 


Again, thank you very much for your time and attention. Congratulations on a phenomenal achievement! We are in awe of all that you do.

Shock and Awe!!??   Thanks and congratulations also to all TA members, our supporters and especially our TA Coaches without whom this stuff would just not be happening  ……… And that’s a wrap!!!

Challenge Melbourne Athlete

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