Massive congratulations to Coach Kat after coming 15th in the 19-34 female age group at the 2016 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Perth. We all feared that she may not even race after only 9 weeks ago being hit by a car on her bike. The determination and grit shown in coming back from that has been amazing and shows that anything can be done. Kat went far beyond her known limits and comfort zone in bringing home this amazing result and we wish she has a great recovery and holiday to celebrate – you deserve it.

Congratulations also go to athletes Jonney and Paul who both raced in the male events on a similar course in Perth at the weekend. Recover well for the Tri season coming up.

In other racing Dan Weekes raced in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Moolooabah on Sunday. He unfortunately had his first racing flat which took the edge off a great day and with having raced and trained for most of the last year now deserves a little RnR before his next challenge.



There was again more great team work with athletes helping each other on the weekend rides with this picture capturing one of the moments very well – cheers Coach Jed :-). Whether it be multiple punctures which we know from first hand experience are extremely annoying or the friendly tone and words of encouragement to help you through the last bit of the hard ride (being cold and wet and exhausted) it is fantastic to see and hear. Keep looking after your fellow athletes as it may be you one day needing that hand or word to get you through.


This weekend, including Friday, sessions have changed and are being replaced by a spike in your training. This weekend is normally our pre-season camp but this year it’s home based. A small concentrated spike in training is great at this time of year and is then followed by recovery week to allow this extra load to be built into your bodies.

Friday 9th September – Swim at MSAC in the morning at the squad session but bring bike and runners for a ride and run following this.

Saturday 10th September @630am – Ride from Elwood followed by run and soak in the sea

Sunday 11th September @7am – Ride from Elwood followed by run and a soak in the sea

Full details of the sessions based on your current goal races and abilities can be found below in the training sessions updates. If you have any questions please speak to a coach ideally before the weekend to gauge how best this fits for you.

Note: There will be no long runs on Sunday from either MSAC or Studley Park.


On Monday evening we welcomed many swimmers from St Michael’s and gave them a good taste of the MSAC pool with some speed intervals to get the heart going. Thanks again for your understanding regards the changes to the swim timetable and we look forward to some big gains in the 50m pools at MSAC from those athletes who have come across.
As previously stated during the next 2 months, ALL swimmers are welcome at MSAC sessions on a Monday evening 6:15pm and Wednesday mornings/evenings in September, where 2 x coaches take the sessions that require 3 lanes. Sessions will be modified and adapted at the time to suit athletes, so please don’t hesitate to have a chat with a coach if needed.  Please do check the timetable as there is some maintenance at MSAC in September meaning some evenings are not available, but we have extra capacity in the morning.
Wed 7th – MSAC 545am outdoor pool
Mon 12th – MSAC 615pm indoor pool
Wed 14th – MSAC 545am outdoor pool
Mon 19th – MSAC 615pm indoor pool
Wed 21st – MSAC 545am outdoor pool
Wed 21st – MSAC 730pm indoor pool
Mon 26th – MSAC 615pm indoor pool
Wed 28th – MSAC 545am outdoor pool
**Friday morning swims are also running as normal through this period for all intermediate/advanced swimmers at 545am.

The MSAC pools are undergoing some maintenance in September so some of our Wednesday evening sessions will not be running – we will however have additional space on a Wednesday morning so you can still get your swim in. Apologies for the inconvenience this may cause but it is unfortunately beyond our control. Please check the timetable for full session times and details.

Please do ensure you check the timetable and our Victorian Facebook Page for training sessions and updates.


We have just re-stocked our Shotz products and now have a full cart available to purchase at our Tri-Shop here. With many important races coming up; now is the time to ensure you are happy with your nutrition and to get used to what your body can tolerate come race day. Darryl at Shotz has been working with the best athletes in the world over the past decade refining and making this one of the best nutrition products out there.




TUESDAY RUNS – All Tuesday morning runs now commence at 545am (when it is not recovery week). This earlier time is required to enable athletes to complete their runs in time for work and commitments at 7am. Volume is increasing as we get closer to racing so ensure you set that alarm slightly earlier.




With a few of our athletes racing in various Championship races recently have you thought about representing your country in Triathlon?

For those who are Australian citizens there are many races across the country which act as qualifying races for the main events. Athlete Lisa MacFarlane who has represented Australia at Olympic distance racing and this year is going for long course gives you the low down on how to go about it.

It is a great way to see the country, race somewhere other than local races and maybe have a few holidays to boot. So whether it’s racing in QLD, WA or NT that grabs you and then racing in Europe (Rottendamn, Holland for short course 2017) have a read and chat to your coach about how to approach this.

There are several different world championships in the world of triathlon. The “M-dot” Ironman brand is probably the most-recognised – their iconic Ironman World Championship at Kona each year is the holy grail for many long course triathletes, and places are hotly contested and not easily achieved. But did you know that Ironman also hold a 70.3 World Championship?

This year it is being held in Mooloolaba, Qld, and next year it is in Chattanooga, Tennessee USA. There is the Challenge Championship, to be held this year in Samorin, Slovakia. Both these events require a top 3-5 finish to qualify, much like Kona.

There is also the ITU Long Course World Championships (in Penticton, Canada in 2017) and the ITU Short Course World Championships (in Rotterdam, Netherlands 2017). What makes these so special is that you go to them as part of the Australian Age Group team, wearing the green and gold race suit with your name emblazoned on the front and back.

Qualifying for the Australian Age Group team is very different to qualifying for the Ironman or Challenge Championships. Triathlon Australia allocates 6-8 races throughout the season where you gain points for racing and placing in each event. The top 25 finishers in each age group for each race are allocated points (with the winner getting 25 points, going down to the 25th place getting 1 point). You are allowed to race as many times during the season as you wish, but only up to 3 of your best placings will be used. At the end of the season all the race points are calculated, and the athletes with the most number of points (up to 20 athletes per age group) have the opportunity to race as part of the Australian team, wearing the green and gold.

So this is where smart racing and smart choice of racing becomes important. To give an example: last year at Challenge Shepparton (which is a long course qualifying race this season) there were 67 finishers in the Male 40-44 category. So finishing in the top 25 requires a decent race! Last year at Murray Man (which is another long course qualifying race this season) there were 24 finishers in the Male 40-44 category, so finishing in the top 25 is a bit easier. Doing a bit of online research becomes helpful in order to decide which races to target and how much travel you want to do. And your fastest race may not be your “best” race in terms of placing, depending on the field size.

The calendar of events is on the Triathlon Australia website (click on the link: National Calendar 2016-2017).

There is also an Australian Championship race (for long course this season, it’s Hell of the West in Goondiwindi, Qld). Competitors who finish within the top 25 in their age group get double the points. So if you finish 10th in a normal qualifying race you’ll get 16 points, but if you finish 10th at the Australian Championship you’ll get 32 points. And how many points do you need? Again, a bit of net-time is your friend here, but as I’ve done the research I’ll help you out. Here’s the link to the Australian Age Group team going to the 2016 ITU Long Course World Championships in Oklahoma, USA: long course team 2016.

Whilst Triathlon Australia has the option to take up to 20 athletes per age group, those spots don’t always fill up. Some people will argue that only one good race is needed, but 2 races means that you’ve got 2 races-worth of points, 3 races even more points. So what’s the catch? You have to be a member of Triathlon Australia (as Tri-Alliance athletes we’re already members, which is great); you have to complete an “Expression of Interest” to show your interest in qualifying for the event (here’s the link to the Triathlon Australia 2017 Age Group page – the selection polocies and other information are now on the following link: Age Group World Championships), and of course you have to finish the race(s)! As a side note, you also have to be an Australian citizen.

If you’re from England or Ireland or Spain or other, head to your National triathlon body’s website for details, as qualifying may be very different! “But I’m a short course triathlete” I hear some of you cry. Well, that’s the beauty of the ITU championships over Ironman or Challenge. There are 7 different disciplines through which you can qualify for the Australian Age Group triathlon team: Sprint, Standard (previously known as Olympic), Long Course (which is usually a half-iron distance), Duathlon, Aquathlon, Cross Triathlon and Paratriathlon.

The Sprint, Standard and Paratriathlon events are held together as part of the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final and World Championships, which are in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 2017, and Gold Coast, Australia in 2018. As suggested in the title, it is also the Grand Final of the World Triathlon Series, so not only are you racing in the green & gold against other countries, you also get to watch the elite triathletes (Royle, Moffat, Gomez, the Brownlees, Jorgensen to name a few) racing on the same course later that weekend.

For the first time next year, the remaining disciplines are being held together as part of a Multisport week-long festival – a format confirmed for the following 2 years as well. In 2017 it will be held in Penticton, Canada. In 2018 it will be Odense, Denmark, and 2019 it will be in Pontevedra, Spain. So you can qualify as a long course athlete, a duathlete, an aquathlete, a cross-triathlete, or any combination of the above.

If you want more information, head to is the Triathlon Australia website below:



Would you benefit from having a TA mentor? Many athletes have already taken this option up so don’t miss out.

We want to encourage all athletes to link up with a TA mentor to support you through the season and help you to get where you want to go. In addition to personalised coaching, all our coaches are available to be a mentor in your training and racing, at no additional cost to your weekly group membership.

No obligation – as a mentor, they will be happy to chat generally about your program,training/racing and any other questions you may have, as well as take an interest in you during sessions.

If you have a specific coach that you have a great rapport with or want a little more input from someone in particular, drop them an email to let them know you would like to be assigned to them. To see who you are currently assigned to, check your ‘profile’ section on your TA Dashboard. Coaches’ ability to take on more athletes is subject to their availability.

Greg Nugent

[email protected]

Scott D’Aucourt

[email protected]

Kat Henderson

[email protected]

Jed Shiels

[email protected]

Dan Brueckner

[email protected]

Paddy Fitzgerald

[email protected]


We have had a number of athletes already take up our personalised spots with Coaches Greg, Kat and Scott so if this is another avenue you want to explore drop them an email.

For personalised coaching we have Level 2 coaches Greg and Kat at $77 p/w and Level 1 coach Scott at $55 p/w for a fully detailed personalised programs specific to your needs and requirements with direct access to the coach. This also includes access to all relevant sessions within your training program.



With Race 1 of the Gatorade Series less than 3 months away we are busy organising and preparing for our next group of beginners and first timers. As in previous years we are offering those who are first time entrants into the Gatorade or Fun Tri Race 1 and Series a free 6 week training course getting them ready for that race. They can also bring a friend free along to the sessions who may not even yet have entered.

Starting on Saturday October 22nd we have 100 spaces available and hope you our members can help spread the word encouraging family and friends to give this great sport we all love a go.

Athletes receive:

  • 3-4 coached training sessions a week, designed to cater to all abilities and confidence levels
  • Learn all the essential triathlon skills, including bike handling, run technique, transitions and open water swimming
  • Access to some of Melbourne’s best triathlon coaches, all keen to support you to achieve your goals
  • Access to fantastic sponsorship discounts usually reserved for Tri Alliance athletes, such as bike discounts, Wetsuits, Triathlon and cycling Gear and sports health care
  • On race day, it’s the simple things that make all the difference! As a special Tri Alliance guest, you and your supporters will be invited to hang out in the TA Taj (the biggest tent on race day, equipped with warm up facilities, massages, bean bags, storage space and a BBQ afterwards!)

For bookings and more information on this please share the below link:


Gatorade Tri Series Entries

For Gatorade Races this season you’ll get a 20% discount which for the series equates to an $88 saving! GATORADE TRIATHLON SERIES – ENTRIES NOW OPEN

Challenge Shepparton Entries

Challenge Shepparton

CHALLENGE SHEPPARTON – ENTRIES OPEN NOW. Early bird prices are closing this on 31st August with a $30 rise from the 1st September.


Get in now and plan your season with the final Victorian domestic long course race of the season. CHALLENGE MELBOURNE ENTRIES OPEN NOW


Even though we are in the midst of winter, planning and training is already underway for some of the first races in the 2016 season. We have created Facebook groups for both Noosa (OD race on Sunday 30th October) and Ironman WA and Ironman 70.3 WA (Sunday 4th December). We will be communicating through these groups all things race related so if you have entered either of these please request to join up.

This will also help you know who else is training for those races and enable crew to train together in preparation.

Busso Facebook Group – JOIN HERE

Noosa  Facebook Group – JOIN HERE

We are also going to be creating Shepparton, Ballarat, Geelong and Challenge Melbourne groups so please let us know what races you are doing and we can hook you up with others doing the same races so you have more buddies to train with.

If you are requiring accommodation for Noosa the Tri-Alliance house has 2 single beds spare so please ping us an email at [email protected] if you’d like more information or to snag one of these



Training Spike Sessions.




Friday the 9th September

5:45am Swim Session MSAC
7:30am Beach Road Ride 40-70km from MSAC
Ironman Half Ironman/Olympic Sprint
Station Street Return loop
Moderate pace, ride.
Mordi return loop, flat to undulating ride. Moderate pace, ride. Mordi return loop, flat to undulating ride. Moderate pace, ride.
Run 2 x laps of Albert Park Run 1 x laps of Albert Park Run 1 x laps of Albert Park

Soak legs ocean 10-15min

Saturday 9th September

6:30am Session from Elwood
Ironman Half Ironman Olympic Sprint
Approx. 5.5-hour group endurance ride including individual TT efforts 155km Approx. 4.5-hour group endurance ride
including individual TT efforts 125km
Approx. 4.5hour group endurance ride including individual TT efforts 125km Approx. 3-4-hour group endurance ride
Run 30min moderate tempo building to IM/Half IM pace Run 20min moderate tempo building to IM/Half IM pace Run 20min building to solid tempo and holding for 15min Run 20min easy to moderate

Soak legs ocean 10-15min

Afternoon Home Session
4.30pm easy 60min run
Soak Legs in ocean 10-15min
4.00PM easy 45min run
Soak legs in ocean 10-15min

Recovery and preparation for Sunday

Sunday 10th September

7:00am Session from Elwood
Group moderate to hard TT Ride 70km* Must work in groups of approx. 5-6km moderate run off the bike Group moderate TT Ride 50km* Must work in groups of around 6
4km moderate run off the bike
Group moderate Ride Mordi Return 40km* Must work in groups of around 6
5-10min easy/moderate run off the bike
Take 30min rest, refuel and get ready for second session.
Recovery/nutrition/hydration Recovery/nutrition/hydration Recovery/nutrition/hydration
Individual TT Ride Return towards Frankston, 50km*
Must be individual
5km solid run off the bike
Individual TT Ride Return towards Mordi, 40km* Must be individual
4km solid run off the bike
Individual TT Ride 30min out towards Mordi, 30min return* Must be individual
4km run off the bike
Soak legs in the ocean 10-15min


Please ensure you check the calendar regularly to know where and when sessions are as they do sometimes change (this is especially true for swim sessions at MSAC as these can change and are often unfortunately beyond our control).

Also check your program or consult a coach so you attend the appropriate session and that you know your distances – remember you are accountable too!. When out riding please do so safely and pay attention to all the road rules and others using the road. Read on for a guide to cycling etiquette and bike road safety and ethics.

A gentle reminder that key to enjoying these long rides and getting the most from them is to dress adequately for the conditions and ensure that you fuel and hydrate before and during the ride so energy levels do not drop too much on the last bit. Correct recovery afterwards is also very important.

When riding on a Tri-Alliance coached road ride it is a requirement to wear team colours. This helps keep and identify the group together and provides more safety in the fact that other riders from outside the group are less likely to join in the group – we do not know them or their riding abilities

Safe & Happy Training

Team Tri-Alliance


[email protected]


1300 680 874




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