Well … that’s a wrap!


My time at Tri-Alliance has come to an end with a venture to warmer waters and sun soaked winters in QLD. I came a ‘noob’ and leave as, well…


I leave as coach – I didn’t see that one coming! Thanks for allowing me to get along side you, to motivate you and to share the journey with you.


I leave as a triathlete – I came to this club just wanting to get more knowledge and the tools to enjoy the sport. I leave no longer as a participant but as a triathlete.


I leave as an IRONMAN – If you have ever talked to me about Ironman you will know that I strongly feel that Ironman is NOT the be all and end all of triathlon. Like many others I have never wanted to go to Kona, I have never tried and I am 99% sure I won’t. What you will know is that I have set some big goals and I have achieved them. I have learnt to listen to my body and my coach and to get the best from both. I have pushed myself further and harder than I thought possible.


I leave physically vulnerable – I used to say, “I am so lucky, I never get injured”. I spoke too soon and I have learnt that as strong as we are, we are just as much vulnerable. I learnt to stop and to reevaluate my goals when I have not had a choice in the matter. If you think Ironman is hard, this takes real strength. I leave Tri-Alliance building my body back to where it needs to be to tackle future triathlons better and stronger.  Don’t get me wrong this is a positive, not a negative!


I leave with friends for life – Joining TA was the first thing I did when I moved to Melbourne and it was the best move. I have life long connections and friends around the world. I have friends who I know I will treasure for life!


I leave with memories and stories to tell, big and small.


I leave grateful to have been involved in this club and humble that I was able to be apart of your #TriLife and journey along the way. It’s been GREAT!


Peace out!


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