It was an absolute honour to be TA ambassador with Eddy for the past year. Our time has come to an end but we couldn’t leave without saying a few (more!!) words.

A huge thank you to everyone at TA for entrusting us in the role, and for supporting us to have all the fun that we had! Thanks especially to Ollie and Bondy, for saying yes to (pretty much) every crazy idea we had and to Eddy for coming up with the ideas, and making them happen!! We had an absolute ball the entire year (we hope you did too) and could not have done so without the support of the TA family.


A huge thanks also go to the incredible supporters of Tri-Alliance; Giant, Orca, Mizuno, Shotz and Lakeside Sports Medicine do an absolutely phenomenal job of keeping us well-equipped with the latest and greatest gear, and in the best shape possible to do the sport that we love.

Whilst some highlights of the year for me were the Thanyapura Training Camp in Thailand, as well as qualifying and racing in the Australian Age Group Triathlon Team at the World Champs on the Gold Coast…the biggest highlight for me was getting to know everyone in the club a little bit better. Whether that was greeting newbies (and wow, have we had a lot!) to the club or interviewing a seasoned athlete for Ambassador Antics, I hope we helped to make everyone feel welcome and part of the TA family along the way.


However, I think I would have done all of this anyway! I don’t need to be labelled as an ambassador to share a smile in the midst of 4 x 250s on a Tuesday morning around the lake; to answer a question of why we use a snorkel at swimming; to lend a helping hand on race weekend; to offer a word of encouragement on a Saturday group ride; and I certainly don’t need to be an ambassador to cheer my heart out at a long or short course race!

So, we leave you in the capable hands of our new ambassadors, Gaz and Sammy, with a very exciting year ahead! I know that everyone is looking forward to being led by these two and can’t wait to see what’s on the cards. I encourage everyone to live the TA way, whether by a shared smile, piece of advice or a helping hand, and the TA family will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Tri Alliance Ambassadors

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