It was a bit miserable for training over the weekend in Melbs, kudos to all who got a WT session in or swapped their days around #ididntletitstopme…that elusive Kinglake ride will just have to wait another few weeks! We loved seeing the social media posts but we could count them on one hand so we certainly hope this is not an accurate reflection of numbers, and that you were all just too busy training to take a selfie! As far as we’re concerned, if there wasn’t a selfie, it didn’t happen!


Congratulations to Lindsey Berne who competed in the Cardiff Olympic Triathlon a few weeks ago. Lindsey claims to have used the race as an excuse to catch up with a friend but had an outstanding result while she was at it! Lindsey finished 3rd in her category and 4th female overall in her longest triathlon to date, wow! Well done Lindsey!




Coach Steph was recently successful in being accepted to the inaugural Triathlon Young Women’s Leadership Program. The 5-month program kicked off with a day in Canberra on the weekend, where the Queensland University of Technology Business School ran a one-day workshop for the 30 participants. Steph is one of two Victorian participants in the program and is looking forward to sharing her learnings with everyone in the squad.





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