John Cornish was an outstanding coach, mentor, role model and friend to the Tri Alliance Team. He was caring, inspiring and motivating with a fun loving soul. In everything he did, it was all or nothing. He was hard working and dedicated, lived life with a passion and influenced everyone he touched, and now will be sadly missed by all.

In memory of John Cornish, Tri Alliance have dedicated a web page in honour of his life.

Prior to his accident, JC was entrenched in creating and naming a room in the TA Office where athletes can train, be tested and our Retul Bike Fit’s be performed – the heart of the TA Office.  This was the last project JC was working on before his accident. In honour and memory of JC, Tri Alliance will now be following through with his vision – and complete what he started.

Stage 1 of his vision
JC had sketched out how he envisaged the room to look and was adament on naming it, ideas he had were the “TA Lab” and “The Engine Room”. So the first stage of this project is to name the room in Johns honour. We are asking for your suggestions on what to name this room – with suggestions to be posted in the comments section of this page. The Tri Alliance coaching team will then choose a name from those suggested, so we’d love to hear your suggestions! Suggestions to be made by Mond 22 Aug.
Stage 2 – Sourcing materials & equipment
Stage 3 – Working Bee to turn the project into life!
Stage 4 – Opening!
(stay tuned on how may be able to help)



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