WOW!  What a week!  As we wrap up Hell Week 2017, we can’t believe all the kms, the efforts, the milestones and the smiles that were achieved and were seen daily over our annual festive training spike.  A HUGE congratulation to all those athletes that got out and swam, rode and ran their way through the week.  Whether that be 1 day, 7 days, with the group or solo, all actions are recognised and applauded as these were non-coached, self-motivated and achieved during a very busy time for all. Massive effort by everyone!


A special shout out was made to these champions for exceptional commitment:

  • @oliveira_eduardo – doing a massive 8 days straight and excelling in his role as Mr Ambassador;
  • @carlz0210 completing a whopping 7 days and killing it;
  • @rowbo_doc hitting the target for 7 days including Xmas Day;
  • and in her first HW @jezzykar joined the crew for 7 days of joy and decided to kick it up a notch with a Franga Banga on the last day

It was great to hear some reflections and Hell Week Highs from our crew, including the incredible camaraderie within our squad:


Eduardo Oliveira this was a very special week to me (and to most/all of us, for sure).  I have never done this volume of training before. In the past few days I had to learn how to ride with sore legs/back, how to wake up like a zombie and not go back to bed, how to go training in so many different weather conditions, how to go into a new packing>unpacking routine, and so on. HW teaches us lots of things. Its an experience that open various new/personal doors for each of us. It’s also an interesting individual mental game (am I going to be able to do everything again tomorrow? am I the only one struggling today? do we have tail wind on the way back? what’s the weather tomorrow?).

However, apart from all of the training challenges we have to face for a few consecutive days, we are so lucky to have the chance to get to know so many people better. that’s really awesome! we do it as a team and, personally, I definitely couldn’t go into this journey without the support/encouragement from so many folks (many thanks).

I was truly happy to hear stories/see so many people overcoming their personal challenges. HW could easily be: heartsome week, honourable week, healthy week, hopeful week or plenty of other positive adjectives. All great. This special week ends today but many new possibilities to many of us also starts today. Thanks, TA/HW ☺️


Michelle Bond I want to give a BIG shoutout to Daniel Dawood. He’s in our TTT program and joined in the HW fun by rocking up most days, not knowing anyone, having not ridden on the road, and getting dropped pretty early on each time, but he never gave up and went on to complete his run, ride, swim each time. I’ve got no doubt this week has been a massive learning curve (and an even bigger training curve) for this young guy. You’ll know him as the cool cat with the great sunnies ?. Well done Dan!


Carly Williams Well done to everyone this week!! All an absolute bunch of legends!!! I was just checking out my data from last year… I managed 392km with the average speeds pictured on the bike last year and this year I biked 602km with the slowest average speed being 27.5km/hr on the windiest day but all other rides being above 28.5km/hr. What a massive difference a year makes… especially the last 3 days averaging 30.5km/hr, 28.8km/hr and today 29.7km/hr.


Jess Sammut First ever Hell Week, as well as my first experience training with a lot of you, and I loved it!  It’s lit a fire under me, and helped me feel that my mental game may be stronger than I’ve given it credit for.  4.45 wake up and making the hike was made ok by pulling up every morning to enthusiastic, motivated people ❤️  More than anything, it’s made me excited to make new friends and training buddies, especially having moved back here.   What a grouse club to be a part of, I’m thrilled and so keen to get involved more!


Karen Hendrickx Thanks all, I was away most of this week, but I was inspired by you all and trained every day. Including joining the ride today, I got dropped early on (my excuse was the flat I got before port Melbourne) but thanks to Michelle and my other half Jimi who stayed with me and pushed me to my fastest average speed ever, followed by another improved ?‍♂️ in the pool. See all the TTT’ers next week!


Scott D’Aucourt I only did a few rides at the end of Hell Week but so impressed by what was completed and how crew looked after each other (sorry Sophie….) Amazing achievements. Now take it easy tomorrow, enjoy the NY celebrations then recover and reap the benefits in the weeks and months to come.


Michelle Paton Although ive been unsociable during hell week ive been trying to get the kms in – managed 240km bike, 39km running and only 3km swim but with working the 3 days (and spending a day arty the cricket) im happy with that – something to beat next year 


Janna Simmons What a week, thank you to everyone I rode, ran and reluctantly swam with, thank you for listening to me crapping on, encouraging me, occasional hand holding (yes his happened ?Steph Anderson), thank for you letting me sit on your wheel – Paige Cardona – and thank you Carly Williams for being such a hell Week legend and Emily Rowbotham for bringing a touch of class to our rides… cannot wait to do it all again but not for a while!!!!! Very excited for the year ahead and seeing everyone s


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