For my day job I am an assistant food and beverage manager. I like to spend time non training time outdoors especially by the beach, love my sports, afl, and having a festive beverage or 5 with mates. I’m originally from country Victoria, have lived in the Whitsundays, lived in the UK for 5 years and have done a fair bit of travelling.

I’m not ashamed to admit I love anything that is pink, sparkly or resembles a unicorn.

I can also be known to be a slightly scary if I haven’t had adequate amounts of caffeine or if I’m hungry and god help you if I’m both!!

My journey into triathlons started when I did an active feet season with a mate, loved it, then joined TA as part of a tri the tri programme the following season, that is now 2 seasons ago. At that same time I was also going thru a bit of a rough patch in life, not really knowing what my next step or place I was at and feeling a little lost. I would never in my wildest dreams except joining TA was going to help shape the person I have become in the last 3 years and put me back on the right path again. I have met some of the most amazing people who will be friends for life. I have been pushed to do things that I would never have thought were possible both physically and mentally.

Chosen to be the 2017/2018 female ambassador was like winning the lottery. I still can’t believe it at times, as the past ambassadors I looked up to and always thought I would never be as good as them.

It’s such an honour to be surrounded by such amazing coaches, mentors, athletes and friends. Being able to assist in encouraging and cheering on others is just awesome. I’m by no means the fittest, fastest, elite tri athlete going around, but my word I love to cheer and encourage others to do their very best in both there sporting and personal goals. Seeing others smash their goals and PBs has made me tear up just often as my own!!

I plan to keep going with this crazy sport for as long as my body will let me. Triathlons have become part of daily life. I’m not sure if I would ever do a whole ironman- but I also never thought I would have run any half marathons, let alone attempt my second half ironman next season – so who knows!!

If I could pass any tips or advice to others it would be you really can do anything you want to- but you really do need to put in the hard yards with training. Consistency is the key they say, but whoever ‘they’ are kinda on the money!!

Listen to your coaches- they may shit you at times but they do know what they are talking about.

Listen to yourself and your head. The mind is a crazy thing. Keep as positive as you can. If your feeling down, its ok, its normal, but ask for help and nothing is ever as bad as what your head thinks it is. You can always do whatever you put your mind too.

But most importantly HAVE FUN!!! That’s what we started this in the first place!!

Please feel free to come chat with me when ever and about what ever, im an open book and love a good chin wag


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