Challenge Shepp Shines

WOW… what a way to kick off the summer of triathlon. The sun was shinning, the wind was light and the conditions were perfect for having a crack at a PB. Starting with the kids event on Saturday, all the way through to the half distance event on Sunday, the Challenge Family environment was great to see over the entire weekend. Check out all the photos and results below. *



I think everyone I was training with knew that I would be racing Challenge before I did! With Noosa a week before I wanted to enjoy my extended holiday, however I felt as ready as ever to give it a red hot go. Therefore, nothing like a last minute entry and I’m super glad I did. Ollie’s program and plan was spot on! I wanted to leave some reserves in the tank to use on the run. I was a long way off the front coming off the bike, but Ollie and Steph had the calculations underway and coming into the second lap let me know that if I kept up pace I would catch the lead girl on the third lap. That was all the determination I needed. Thank you to the Shepp crew for a great weekend away and all those miles down Beach Rd. Everyone absolutely nailed it! It definitely doesn’t feel like an individual sport being part of the TA crew. Already excited for the next build!


PHIL BARKER ~ 3rd Place

What a day to be part of TA! To race with your training buddies is the best! What a thrill to share Sammy’s triumphant moment, to see Dan smash his first HIM and see Raph go sub-5 again. It was a complete surprise to finish third in my own AG. I only realised when we were in the transition area, collecting our bikes after the race and I heard my name being called out. I quickly dropped my bike and ran back to the presentation area, just in time to hop up onto the podium.

Brett ARCHBOLDM 40 – 44700:31:0502:23:5501:29:4304:28:38
Jeremy ROBINSONM 18 – 24600:30:0802:32:0201:35:3904:43:11
Daniel GODINOM 40 – 441800:38:5202:31:2701:34:0104:49:23
Samantha WOODLANDF 25 – 29 100:35:0902:40:4801:30:1904:50:22
Phil BARKERM 50 – 54 300:31:5202:35:5401:40:0704:55:07
Raphael LABYREM 30 – 342700:39:2402:49:1101:24:3904:58:56
Andy WOOD-RICHM 45 – 492200:37:5202:33:4301:50:3405:06:34
Matthew DEFINAM 25 – 291500:33:3102:52:4901:45:3605:17:17
Sean WRIGLEYM 25 – 291800:36:2502:53:4001:47:1105:25:19
Stephen TILDERSM 45 – 493200:38:1702:44:2501:54:3005:25:28
Xu CHENM 30 – 345100:45:0903:03:1001:53:2605:50:04



First time swimming in a lake.  First time doing an Olympic distance.  And first time in Shepparton!  Perfect condition for the race, which I found both an amazing experience and mentally challenging. I felt good during the race and what really surprise me, I felt good after the race.  Training definitely is rewarding. Thanks to the coaches and TA family.

Kathryn WHALLEYF 40 – 44200:25:1901:13:1200:46:4202:29:21
Rainer LANGHOFFM 45 – 49700:29:4001:14:0400:59:5002:51:46
Olivier HITIEM 35 – 39700:32:5501:13:3701:03:0102:55:13
Annette OSMANF 50 – 54 300:31:0601:22:1100:59:3703:00:22
Les JORDANM 40 – 44900:41:0901:16:0701:01:3903:02:52
Evie DORAF 50 – 54400:41:0001:25:2300:53:3803:06:35


JANINE O’GRADY ~ 3rd Place

Doing my first Sprint race at Challenge Shepparton was the perfect start to my 2018/19 season. The vibe was relaxed & the weather perfect which made for a great race on Sunday. I had a couple personal goals for the race which I achieved but the best thing was that I felt good throughout the race. All the winter sessions, hills, intervals and coaches belief in me helped me achieve more than I had hoped for my first Sprint. I can’t wait for Race 1 at Elwood!

Denise HOULIHANF 30 – 34500:09:5400:41:3900:27:2601:23:17
Janine OGRADYF 40 – 44 300:10:4800:41:0800:31:3801:26:54
Donna SULLIVANF 30 – 34400:09:3700:43:0400:26:2301:22:27
Alice RUGGF 25 – 29 300:09:3900:48:0600:32:2901:35:23
Karen HENDRICKXF 40 – 44700:14:1200:49:2300:29:0501:39:29

*(Text by Fairfax Events & Entertainment).


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