Is anyone surprised that athletes had to endure less than idyllic conditions in yet another race in our summer sport?! Despite some athletes being a little grumpy with the decision to ban deep-rim wheels, it proved to be the correct decision as wind gusts up to 70km/h blew bikes all over the road (and brought down entire racks, fencing, finish archway post-race, and hanging body weight needed to hold down fly away tents during packup!).

The swim was always going to be choppy but conditions worsened as the waves went off, even inhibiting some athletes from swimming at all. A special shout out to those who stopped to help panicked swimmers and those in trouble out there sacrificing their own race. If the Portarlington mount line couldn’t be any more difficult, thrown in cross wind and wet, slippery road for a whole lot of fun (just ask Burnsy all about it!). In all seriousness, we are really happy that none of our guys hit the deck and played it safe in particularly trying conditions. From all accounts, it was worse than Challenge Melbourne! But, by the time they were on the run all was forgotten…until they turned around! Honestly, those athletes that went around need to be very proud of themselves for finishing their races in truly testing conditions and can all take away a lot from their experience. For our debutants, we could not think of a worse way to introduce you to this sport but from here on in, racing will be easier for you.

Special shout out to those that made it to the top 10 in their category:

SPRINT DISTANCE (800m/26km/8km)

Georgie Mervin – 1:38:46 (1st in AG)

Monty Cooper – 2:05:11 (1st in MultiClass)

Daniel Godino – 2:00:15 (1st in First Timer)

Sophie Perry – 1:39:19 (2nd in AG)

Phoebe Naughton – 2:05:52 (2nd in First Timer)

Samantha Woodland – 1:46:26 (3rd in AG)

Barry Gilbertson – 1:47:08 (3rd in AG)

Gillian Condy – 2:12:49 (4th in Open)

Slaine O’Sullivan – 1:48:33 (5th in AG)

Genevieve Ladd – 1:56:04 (6th in AG)

Paul Burns – 1:41:07 (7th in AG)

Lisa Zilbo – 1:54:51 (9th in AG)

Emma King – 2:00:39 (10th in AG)

FUN TRI (300m/10km/3km)

Tegan Burns – 46:35 (1st in AG)

Stephanie Anderson – 52:11 (1st in AG)

Nichola Muser – 52:00 (2nd in AG)

Hanna Murray – 1:00:15 (5th in AG)

Alison Eldridge – 1:01:06 (5th in AG)

Krista Mogensen – 1:19:30 (5th in AG)

Cameron Stuckey – 56:16 (9th in AG)


Run For The Kids was held on Sunday morning with a number of athletes taking to the pavement to support raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. There was a family friend short course 5km event and a super course 15km event.

Well done to the following athletes:

Eduardo Oliviera 1:24:52

Brett Archbold 1:25:57

Michelle Leslie 1:50:08

Chloe Turner 25:21

Jimmy Tyler 58:49

And some words from the great man, who not only broke the 1 hour mark but came an impressive 11th out of 943 males in his category!!!!

So dreams do come true! Beat the hour!   Over a decade ago I did my first Run 4 The Kids back when it was around 13 km. I always dreamed about breaking the 1hr mark but over successive races the distance was increased to 15km and I could never quite keep up.  It’d been a few years since I last ran it so after NZ Ironman, and with a clear schedule, I decided to come back and have another crack.  And I did it!  Despite a few hilly bits and some wind (and being an extra 10 years older ) today the dream was achieved!! The result: 58:45 for 15km (3:55 pace) – and a decent PB . Really don’t mean to brag but I’m totally stoked .  A huge shout out to coach Greg – all that running technique and exhaustive volume really paid off. Thanks for helping me achieve the dream. (And by the way, my legs are officially stuffed).  #TriAlliance



Breca, a series of extreme SWIMRUN adventure events, that takes you to beautiful, wild places; over craggy hilltops, through mountain tarns, along rugged coastlines and across glittering lakes – all of that with friend by your side. Breca Wanaka is New Zealand’s original swimrun adventure through the rugged wilderness of the Southern Lakes District. Set against the backdrop of the Mt. Aspiring National Park, teams will pit themselves against deep, glacial water; pristine trails, island-hopping and lake crossings.

The Breca Wanaka Sprint event consists of Run: 16km | Swim: 3.5km | Transitions: 10 | Total length: 19.4km

Emily “An amazing race! It was hot and tough but probably the most I’ve ever enjoyed an event. Great to race with this incredible partner Lawrence”.  Congratulations!!!! 1st place to True Blue Swimrunners; Laurence Gay & Emily Rowbotham in 2hrs:40mins


Check out these truly amazing photos!


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