Tri Alliance caught up with our Ironman athletes leading into Ironman Melbourne to share with you a quick and entertaining insight into each athletes preparation, challenges, expectations, advice for supporters and most importantly, how they plan on celebrating their achievements. We’ll share a group of athletes each day leading into the big race on Sunday 23 March. So come along and join in their journey….


GREG NUGENT (The Zoolander!)
Race #/Category? #2141, 55-59M
How many IM’s under your belt? This will be number 8
Words of wisdom for a first timer? For first timers, control the controllable and then:Greg NugentDance like no one is watching,
Spend like you don’t need the money,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Race like the wind is always at your back
Sing like no one is listening
Live like it’s heaven on earth, and
Run till you wear the skin off your balls!
quidvis est possible
citius altius fortius
Biggest challenge getting to this point? Getting it right…
Best part of the journey to Ironman? As a Coach I get great enjoyment watching the progression of our athletes whether they be first timers, to those with dreams of qualifying for the big dance. The trials and tribulations, the anxiety, the realisation that they will do it and the look on people’s face once they have crossed the finish line. As an athlete, I haven’t quite put my finger on it, I’m still learning and believe that I have only scratched the surface, each preparation and race presents a new challenge, there is always a battle of mind and body, I cannot articulate the best part, however, know that it’s what I enjoy, I have a passion for the coaching and the sport and have a need to conquer the challenges that each race throws in my direction.
Expectations leading into the race? I always expect to have a fantastic day and regardless of the outcome – I will do just that.
Your advice to your supporters? What to say – Run you old bastard!
What not to say –  if my ass is dragging along the ground and my face is falling off do not under any circumstance tell me I’m looking good. (I already know that)
How will you celebrate your achievement? That will depend on how the race pans out for me, first and foremost I will give a private thanks to my family, I will take great pride in all those who have trained with me and their achievements, I will take some time to reflect and may even shed a tear. At some stage I will let my hair down, one will be too many and thirty will not be enough, hit the wall, get in a taxi and go home. (I may need to be poured into a taxi…)

Race #/Category? #913, 35-39M
How many IM’s under your belt? #7 (3rd of 4 this summer).
Words of wisdom for a first timer? You do all this work for the last 300m and there’s certainly no drug in the world closer to the feeling you get in that last 300m!
Biggest challenge getting to this point? Keeping little niggles with calf and knees under control to be able to run again.
Best part of the journey to Ironman? Not much this time around, it’s been a mental challenge after tearing my shoulder at Christmas and not being able to ride for 4 weeks or swim for 8 weeks.
Expectations leading into the race? Only expectation is to be able to have fun out on course and run the marathon this year.
Your advice to your supporters? Supporters, go get chalk, write messages of support on course, make up funny signs as when your racing it makes a difference to see funny signs.
How will you celebrate your achievement? I will celebrate by training on for Ironman Australia at Port Macquarie in May!

BRETT ARCHBOLD (Archie)Brett Archbold
Race #/Category? #621, 35-39M
How many IM’s under your belt? Ironman #8!
Words of wisdom for a first timer? Be prepared to feel great and also rubbish at various points throughout the day, it will pass
Biggest challenge getting to this point? Juggling the training with work
Best part of the journey to Ironman? The mates you train with
Expectations leading into the race? Sub 9 and kona
Your advice to your supporters? Give me splits/placing’s and don’t tell me how I’m looking!
How will you celebrate your achievement? Simple. Beer, sleep, beer, sleep and bourbon

TIM FRENCH (Frenchy)Tim French
Race #/Category? #375, 30-34M
How many IM’s under your belt? IM number 2.
Biggest challenge getting to this point? Sausage roll-less long rides. Never underestimate their power on a long ride.
Best part of the journey to Ironman? Food…. And more food…
Expectations leading into the race? None..
How will you celebrate your achievement? Ouzo – or three!

DARREN SCHONEWILLE (Dazza)darren schonewille
Race #/Category? #905, 35-39M
How many IM’s under your belt? Ironman number 3
Words of wisdom for a first timer? Enjoy the day and thank the volunteers along the way.
Biggest challenge getting to this point? Trying to fit training and work together especially running your own business.
Best part of the journey to Ironman? Ticking off the training sessions week by week.
Expectations leading into the race? Working through each leg of the race.
Your advice to your supporters? Encouragement all the way. It’s amazing what some positive words can do to keep you going.
How will you celebrate your achievement? A nice big cold beer or 5 to celebrate.

OLIVER ALLAN (Ollie)Ollie Allan
Race #/Category? #617, 35-39M
How many IM’s under your belt? This will be Ironman #7
Words of wisdom for a first timer? Soak up the race start, remember what you can in the race and take your time in the race shoot – you deserve it.
Biggest challenge getting to this point? Every session has been challenging this season in one way or another.
Best part of the journey to Ironman? The athletes I train and Coach are amazing and inspiring.
Expectations leading into the race? To qualify for Kona. But there that I will keep to myself for now…
Your advice to your supporters? Just give me everything you can – I will give it back in spades.
How will you celebrate your achievement? The only way I know how. As hard as I race!



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