Let’s get to know a little more about Jo Grey…


When did you join TA?  I joined in 2015 – I’d seen the TA tent at a couple of triathlons in Queensland and thought “that looks like fun”.  Then I saw the TA van down at Port Melbourne one day and spoke to Scott about joining up.  I was already hooked!


What’s your all time favourite triathlon race?  It would have to be the New York Triathlon, which Mark and I completed in 2018.  Such an iconic route, swim in the Hudson River (pretty yuk!), ride through Manhattan Island and the Bronx, then run through Central Park. It was a tough day – really hot and humid – the race was actually called off about 10 mins after Mark crossed the line, so we were lucky to finish and so happy to have the opportunity.


What do you like about triathlon?  Why be bad at one sport when you can be bad at three?  No, seriously, the variety is great.  I’m a swimmer from way back, but watching the black line loses its appeal.  I love each leg (maybe not the running….).  But the best part, especially with TA is the camaraderie of training together.

This is my ultimate team sport.  Train together but on race day, it’s all up to you.

Tell us about your family.  Husband (Mark, you might have met him), dog (Hoover), two sons whom I love dearly and think their mother is quite crazy (but encourage me anyway).

What do you do when you’re not swimming, riding and running?  Yoga, cooking, a spot of gardening and (pre-COVID) traveling anywhere I can.

Tell us about your work. I’m a doctor and studied medicine through the Australian Army.  That experience gave me lots of exposure to travel and tropical diseases, so now I specialise in travel medicine.  Travel medicine is all about trying to keep travellers healthy before, during and after travel.  I keep up with disease patterns around the world, vaccines, potential environmental threats to travellers as well as advising people on things that might be specific for their trip, for example altitude sickness.  Right now, “normal” travel medicine around the world has come to an almost complete halt, so I’m working with the COVID-19 response team caring for people in quarantine here in Melbourne.

Do you have any COVID-19 tips, predictions or advice you would like to share?  Tip:  Keep washing your hands and don’t touch your face!  I think it’s going to be a few months yet before we really start to get a feel for what life will be like as restrictions are lifted.  Staying safe with social distancing will be important for quite a while yet.

Where has your work taken you?  We’ve been very lucky and travelled to every continent.

What’s your ideal holiday?  Best destination to date – Antarctica.  Dream holiday (soon to be realized I hope).  Mark and I have booked a cycling trip in 2021  – we’ll be riding from Paris to St Petersburg.  It’s just over 3,600km in 38 days.

What’s your biggest fear?  Not being able to walk when I get to St Petersburg!

Tell us something that we don’t know about you! I am absolutely hopeless at ballsports!


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