The 2019 ITU Age Group Triathlon World Championships will take place in Lausanne between 29th August to the 1st September.  Lausanne is the fourth city of Switzerland and it is also called the Olympic Capital. Its undulating contours allow spectacular views over Lake Geneva and the Alps.

The race venue is situated along Lake Geneva, in Lausanne-Ouchy. Ouchy is the ideal place to stroll around in an idyllic setting with a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva. From the Haldimand Tower to the Bellerive swimming pool, passing by the Ouchy Castle and the port of Ouchy, this walk crosses three parks, including the one where the famous Olympic Museum is located.  After Thursday’s Parade of Nations, there will be three packed days of racing, with Junior and U23 action on Friday, Elites and the Age-Group sprint on Saturday and Paratriathlon, U23/Junior Mixed Relay and Age-Group standard distance on Sunday.*


Athlete: Andrea Stranna

Nickname: I have never really had a nickname unfortunately, but while I was still in the womb my mom used to refer to me as Mr Anderson

Fun Fact about yourself: I’ve broken my left elbow three times

Triathlon History: My mom was a professional triathlete (until she got pregnant with me) and I’ve always wanted to try triathlon but never really got around to it. Then when my partner and I decided to move to Melbourne a year ago it seemed like the perfect time to swim-bike-run. I sent Ollie an email and joined TA after a week in Australia and haven’t looked back. The TA-family has definitely been the best part of moving to the other side of the world and I am so grateful for you guys! I have done 5 x 2XU sprint distance races and Age Group World Champs in Lausanne will be number 6!

Favourite training session: Swim sessions at MSAC and Hot Laps

Best training nutrition: Post training soy latte at the MSAC cafe! Mostly because it usually comes with some Gaz wisdom on the side.

How did you qualify for the World Champs: In short – I didn’t! I sent an email to the Norwegian triathlon federation asking them what the qualifications requirements were, and basically was told that all I had to do was enter. And pay a long list of different fees… I guess that’s one of the perks of belonging to a nation with a total population equal in size to that of Melbourne.

Goals/Feelings for this race: Since I didn’t have to qualify I am a bit worried that the race is way out of my league and I will finish dead last. So that’s not the greatest feeling. Hopefully that won’t happen and my goal is to be able to enjoy it and do well the things I have been focusing on and maybe use the special occasion to push myself a little bit harder than normal towards the end.


How will you celebrate: My mom and my partner are coming with me so I will celebrate with them, hopefully in the sun while eating a huge ice cream and cheering on the Norwegians and Aussies in the elite race!



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