Each year, at the Tri Alliance End of Season awards night, we like to recognize those athletes who have excelled across the season.  Our Long Course Awards are based on outstanding performances, results, dedication, overcoming obstacles or hardships in achieving their race goals. Our Ambassadors caught up with out recent Long Course winners to learn a little more about these champions.


How long have you been with TA?

I suppose many members think who the heck is Georgie Mervin!! I was once know as Georgie Hagan , and one of the original TA members way back in the early 2000’s! I was MIA traveling, having babies, and living interstate.

How did you come to join TA?

Having been an original, I’ve always followed TA’s progress. On my return to Victoria and triathlon racing, Ollie welcomed me as if I’d never left.

What do you do when you’re not swimming, riding and running?

I’m a mother of 2 children (Jenna 8, Jack 6), 2 Brown Dogs (Millie and Jake), 2 Chickens, Wife (Greg), and a part time nurse at Geelong Hospital  – part time is all I can fit it with my extra activities LOL

We know you are based in Geelong/Torquay (??), what’s it like being away from the squad?

I don’t get to know all the members and personalities around the club. Plus the group training – I really miss that!! On the flip side there are such amazing training opportunities in the surf coast.

What are your long term goals?

My first Iron Man in December!!! This is going to be a massive mental, not to mention physical challenge. I want to know that I’ve done the work and earned the right to hit the start line.

Favourite race?

Even when I lived in Melbourne, Portarlington was a fave. Pre kids I did enjoy a race getaway and post race celebrations.  My all time favourite was Noosa!!! So much fun was had there on a few occasions.

What’s your secret to getting up and out the door without the added motivation of the squad?

Some days are more challenging than others, as a mother it’s now or never!!! There are not many sessions you regretted doing, but missed sessions – make me super grumpy!!  I actually don’t mind my own company and training when it fits in with the family.

Swim, bike or run?

I do love swimming, but I am a fair weather supporter of this discipline (especially in open water training).  I absolutely love the bike. As a mother though, it means many rides starting in the dark or on the trainer.  So I’d have to say running, just stepping out the door and off you go. Having two dogs and kids, everyone can join in sometimes (I do enjoy a solo run for time out though).

Winning Long Course Female Athlete of the Year – how does this feel? What does it mean to you?

A total shock and very honoured to have been nominated. Absolutely felt the love !!



How long have you been with TA?

A long time! I joined back in 2004 when Tri-Alliance had a squad in Ivanhoe and Geelong as well as the current one. I was living Northside so joined the Ivanhoe one.  Left for a couple of years 2008-2011 then came back to join bayside and Ollie when I switched over to IM racing.


How did you come to join TA?

I met Ollie at the finish line of a national selection race in Devonport in Feb 2004, we ended up partying the night away and the rest is history!


What’s been your favourite race?

Geez that’s tough, I’ve raced all over the world across all distances but I’d have to say Ironman Melbourne. We had such a great crew to train with over summer and while racing the hometown support was insane!  Also running through TA manned aid stations at the pointy end of the field is something I’ll never forget.


Best achievement/highlight of your triathlon career?

Qualifying for my first Olympic Distance world champs in Portugal in 2004. I didn’t expect to make the team and still remember the buzz being told I had! Goosebumps!  At the other end of the spectrum Qualifying for Kona for the first time after several failed attempts, the satisfaction of finally nailing that spot in front of family and friends was immense.


What are your long term or future goals?

I still haven’t had the race I want at Kona, and would love to nail that race someday.  My main goal is to crack 9hrs in an IM (pb 9.05) before I start to slow down!  Maybe busso 2018? 😉


Something strange that no one knows about you?

No idea! I’m a pretty open book I think!


Which do you prefer, morning or evening training session? 

I’m not a morning person but once I get onto a routine I do love the feeling of getting a session over and done with. Nothing worse than getting home from work and having to drag your tired ass out of the door for a session!


Swim, bike or run?

When I’m fit I love them all, but probably bike closely followed by warm ocean swims with no need for a wetsuit! It’s good for the soul 🙂


Winning TA Long Course Male Athlete of the Year – what does it mean to you?

It means a great deal to me! There have been so many quality athletes to compete against over the years and this past year it’s a real honour. I’ve never won it before and it feels like some recognition of the crazy year I had! (4 IM in 3 continents, 2 IM in 2 weeks, Kona, and topped off with a 4.19 at Challenge Melb and first in state long course champs).

I also hope that it gives the newer guys in the squad motivation to achieve anything they set their sights on. As they say ‘Anything is possible’


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