Melbourne again turned on a weather show over the past week with Thursday and our first Elwood combo being greeted by 25 degree warmth and only a bit of a breeze. This changed over the weekend with some good sunshine Saturday and then gusting destructive winds causing havoc around the state.

With the conditions always changing it was great to see athletes embracing both the sun and wind… Yes it is always great to ride on a warm thursday afternoon but to get on your bike for a 150k+ ride around the bay facing up to 80kph winds is something else. We had a number riding various distances in the Bupa event and however far you road you will have deserved the rewards at the end. A great training session and an important mental challenge as those conditions are rare so anything else now seems much easier! Well done to all those who got out over the weekend – great numbers and we can see that the new season is sparking people into action. Photo Credit Liz Ryan 🙂

While some were up early to ride many others were also up before dawn glued to computers watching the Ironman Champs in Kona. And what a race it was with records in both the mens and womens being broken. In the Pro men’s Germany took the top three spots (Frodeno, Kienle, Lange ) with a 26yr old record of the fastest marathon on the course (2:39:36 by Lange). In the Pro women’s Ryfe set a course record of 8:46:46 a staggering 24mins ahead of Carfrae and Jackson. Large numbers of age groups then streamed through over the next 9 hours with many amazing stories of what can be done when one puts their mind and body to it. Have a read of the reviews and video link below for a full wrap.

Men’s recap         Women’s recap

Video Highlights (Big Island Video New)




This Sunday sees the Melbourne Marathon take place around the city. We have a large number of athletes who have been training hard for the past few months racing across the different distances from the full marathon to the half and 10k events.

No one athlete has worked harder and progressed as well, been dedicated and focused on long term goals as Sergii. He approach the coaching staff a couple of years ago with some long term specific targets and has been working away at these with great consistency over that time. Always listening and taking on board the tips and advice given Sergii has come on great strides (pun intended) this year. A sub 1:30 half Marathon at run Melbourne showed just how far he has come and we wish him the best possible full marathon race on Sunday. You have put in all the hard work over the long winter months so now go out execute and enjoy. We shall be cheering for you loudly. Good luck also to all our other athletes who will be taking on various events on Sunday. If you are not racing then please head out and cheer everyone on.

With the event course going all the way down to Elwood and coaches helping athletes prepare on the morning there will not be a coached run from Elwood Sunday. Please either run according to your program (whilst cheering those running in the marathon) or run with Greg from Fairfield (Studley Park boathouse) at 8am.



The summer timetable has started with a great sessions on thursday and Saturday morning. If you have previously joined Elwood Life Saving Club it will be time to renew this alongside your parking permit. This will ensure close easy parking and access to hot showers and changing rooms after your open water swims.

The guys at Elwood LSC (Rachel & David and colleagues) have long been supporters of our club and the Triathlon community in Bayside with them being race day water support for all Gatorade Races and Challenge Melbourne. By becoming a member you gain access to the club rooms and support the great work they do. Once an associate member you also can apply for a parking permit which enables you to park in the main carpark for free. In addition to this it covers all foreshore parking from head street in Elwood right up to Port Melbourne (even when not Tri training).

The membership form and parking permit can be found by clicking this link and you can get the Elwood form signed and stamped if the guys are at the Club during a session.


The Summer timetable is in place so ensure you check the calendar to know when and where sessions are on. The main session differences are below:

  • Thursday evening 6pm @ Elwood – Short and Long Course Combo (mixture of wind trainer, swim and bike). Depending on your race goals and previous sessions (i.e. hot-laps in the morning will dictate what your session is). Always however bring runners and your wet-suit.
  • Saturday morning 6:30am @ Elwood – Short Course Combo – begins with a bike set then run/transition and open water skills – always bring everything!
  • Saturday morning 6:30am @ Elwood – Long Course Ride – long ride with relevant run off the bike according to race goals and program
  • Sunday morning 8am @ Elwood – Long Run – for all athletes. Bring wettie for swim too!
  • Sunday morning 8am @ Fairfield – Long Run – for all athletes – trail runs with Greg.

Check the timetable here for all the sessions.


If you have friends or family wanting to get into the sport we all love so much then we have the program just for them. In signing up as a first timer to the Gatorade Series or Race 1 at Elwood qualifies them for a free 6 weeks training with us. Select the image below for more information and registrations for the course.




The Tri Alliance Trisuit for 2016 is the best ever!  And by the number of pre-orders taken with names across the back you want it now!

Production is currently underway so if you wanted your name on it and didn’t get the order in unfortunately you missed the boat. We expect to get delivery of these late October/early November in-time for the Victorian racing season so if you are yet to order these will be dropping soon.

We have spent months on developing this suit with several samples and extensive testing to make sure both the quality, comfort and usability of the suit is of the highest priority.

We have opted for the long sleeve suit this year for a number of reasons,

  • Sun protection,
  • Better aerodynamics with golf ball pattern arms for less drag,
  • No rub points under arms.

What makes this suit so good you ask?

  • Full length zip with half jersey design.  No Need to take the suit off if doing number ones,
  • Option to wear as short only if top half is rolled up and tucked into short,
  • Zip pocket with 2 x mesh pockets either side for gels or gel holders,
  • Mesh panels for better breathability and cooling
  • Form fitting suit that you can wear swim, bike or run with comfort and no restriction.
  • Suit weight is under 200g



Alongside the summer timetable changes that started last week a few other sessions updates are below. Always ensure you check the timetable to ensure you know where and when sessions are on.

October programs for relevant athletes are now uploaded to your accounts so please check them out and approach your coach should you have any questions regards them. Race season is almost here for many so much more racey sets will be in them as well as building runs off the bike and open water swimming.


  • Mondays at MSAC continue at 6:15pm with 3 lanes available for all and 2 coaches
  • Wednesdays at MSAC continue at 5:45am with 3 lanes available for all and 2 coaches
  • Fridays at MSAC now have 3 lanes at 5:45am available for all again with 2 coaches.
  • St Michaels Swims will be returning from Monday 24th October with sessions on a Monday and Wednesday at 7pm. We shall chat with relevant athletes regards who should be attending these sessions in due course. Do ask if you have any questions.


  • Thursday morning hotlaps is back at 545am and all with time trial bikes should be on them.
  • LAPS SAFETY NOTE: On the subject of our laps session around Albert Park we have been aware of a number of accidents that have happened at one particular corner and want to highlight this. Most have been outside of our training group but we still wanted to mention it. The corner in question is the left hand bend onto the pit straight (anti-clockwise direction) shown at the bottom of this section. Keeping off the painted lines especially in the wet is important and even when dry taking this too fast or too tight can be dangerous. Please be aware and treat this (and all sections of the circuit with respect).
  • Saturday’s ride will be rolling from Elwood at 6:30am with various distances accordingly to race and ability.
  • Long course riders this will be your long ride with a run off the bike.
  • Short course this is your combo set beginning with a race specific ride followed by run and swim. We will also be starting to practice transitions with racks so T1 and T2 are smooth and fast as possible. Bring everything to this session.


  • Sunday runs in October will be at either Fairfield (trail running) or Elwood both at 8am for all athletes. Note no coached run from Elwood this week due to Melbourne Marathon. Own or with Greg at Fairfield.



With races just around the corner focus is very much on the physical aspect of training but how much thought have you put into your race day nutrition? Ola our Dietitian working out of Lakeside Sports Medicine Centre at MSAC gives you a few tips on how to be ready and prepared.

DON’T GET CAUGHT OUT ON RACE DAY: Under training nutrition is a common mistake made by triathletes.

By Ola Luczak, Accredited Sports Dietitian

Imagine yourself starting out on that run leg. After a nervous start to the swim you managed to relax your breathing and came out of the water in good form. You felt strong on the bike and are looking to kick your legs into gear to cross that finish line with a great time. All of a sudden you feel yourself hitting a wall. Your legs feel like lead and your gut starts to play up. You planned on consuming gels every 40 minutes but even the thought of one makes you feel nauseous. Stomach cramps and bloating take over and you’re doubled over feeling like the finish line just got a heck of a lot further away. Sound familiar? I see far too many athletes who experience these issues. In many cases, symptoms can be avoided or minimized.

As races approach in the coming weeks NOW is the time to do everything you can to prevent the above situation.

Here are some nutritional tips for you to consider:

  1. GO LOW FIBRE WITH CARBOHYDRATE LOADING: If your race is longer than 2 hours you have likely considered a carbohydrate loading plan. Be sure to avoid high fibre foods during this eating period to minimise residue in the gut, and unwanted toilet stops, on race day.

  2. LOW FAT IN THE LAST SUPPER: Don’t consume foods too high in fat the night before your race as this can slow the rate at which food will be digested.

  3. ALLOW TIME FOR DIGESTION: Be sure to consume your high carbohydrate meal at least 2 hours before your race to avoid indigestion and reflux. Nervous athletes may benefit from a liquid meal if food is difficult to consume as it is more easily digested.

  4. LET FLUID ASSIST DIGESTION: Consuming inadequate fluids with carbohydrate or electrolytes can draw fluid into the gut and cause abdominal cramps and loose bowels or created delayed gastric emptying and clog up the digestive system. Be sure to plan your hydration to compliment your eating plan.

  5. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! If you don’t practice consuming carbohydrates, electrolytes, fluid and other supplements during training then your gut is far less likely to tolerate these nutrients on race day. You need to train your gut in the weeks leading up to race and in similar race day quantities to increase your absorptive ability.

The above-mentioned tips are just a few of the possible ways in which you can help prepare your gut for race day. If you don’t have your nutrition plan in place or you are experiencing gut symptoms, please come and book an appointment at the clinic – Lakeside Sports Medicine Centre. I look forward to the possibility of working with you to help you perform at your best.



For all the following races we will have coaching support with you at the race venue on the day, some days leading up to and where possible race day tents. We are committed to the success and enjoyment of our athletes so want to help in any way we can. Last year Coach Ollie traveled to many races giving last minute tips and confidence boosters to those racing which was greatly received and helped many athletes.

All Gatorade races, plus;
Noosa, Challenge Shepparton, IM Busso/70.3, Ballarat 70.3, Geelong 70.3, Challenge Melbourne, IM Port Mac/70.3, IM NZ/70.3 and IM Cairns/70.3
As well as support on race day we have created a number of Facebook groups for some key races so you can hook up and know who else is training for the same event. Banter, training tips, meeting points and social interaction are all welcome!
Fancy becoming the State Series Champion? Triathlon Victoria has recently released their races and information regards this competition. The Victorian Triathlon State Series is designed to encourage and reward both our affiliated clubs and individual members to race more often and across the variety of multisport disciplines and triathlon distances
Fore more on this, detailing when and where click this link.

GATORADE TRIATHLON SERIES – For Gatorade Races this season you’ll get a 20% discount which for the series equates to an $88 saving! GATORADE TRIATHLON SERIES – ENTRIES NOW OPEN FIRST RACE NOVEMBER 27th


CHALLENGE MELBOURNE ENTRIES OPEN NOW for APRIL 9th 2017 – Get in now and plan your season with the final Victorian domestic long course race of the season.

ACTIVE TRISERIES – More Short Course Racing options available in the SoleMotive Series. ENTRIES OPEN NOW

ADVENTURETHON – Fancy something different then check out the Anglesea event over the 3rd and 4th December 2016. Ride, run, swim, mountain bike, kayak. Entries and info here.

SUFFERFESTS – Mount Martha, Ngambie and Warnambool for the 2016/17 season are hosting ever popular events from enticer to half distance. Check out the links for more info.

Safe and Happy Training

Team Tri-Alliance


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