Aside from a few sea urchins modifying the swim start, we could not have asked for more ideal conditions for Ironman Geelong 70.3, with one experienced athlete saying he’s never seen better conditions in many years of racing Geelong!

We had a 30 strong crew toeing the rolling (thanks to our sea friends) start line for a flat-as-a-tac swim that didn’t even get choppy out past the mariner, a fast and furious bike with most of our athletes avoiding the trials and tribulations that inundated many, and a hot run made all the better by a sea of blue and yellow cheering at all ends of the undulating course.

Shout out to Coach Scotty for smashing out his first 70.3, not letting a flat leaving T1 get in the way of him soaking up the experience of a great race; to Phil who was only 3-hundredths of a second off going sub 5hrs; to our troopers who carried on despite the sea urchins leaving nasties in their feet and to all those who PB’d and for those using this race as a stepping stone to their full IM in the next couple of months

Huge congratulations to our podium finishers: team ‘You Just Got Chicked’ featuring Trea, Rach and Sammy for their second place podium finish and to Trent Harlow for his 3rd place result off the back of a blistering run (#ShowingEveryoneHowItsDone)!  And to our top 10 place getters: Anthony 4th, Barry 5th, Mr Bond 5th, Team MISTRYED (Steph, Eddy, Gaz) 5th and Jules 9th.

Full list of results can be found at:

Athlete Results 2019

FranciscoRodriguez Saavedra0:33:292:53:091:54:385:29:0768

Team Results 2019

You Just Got Chicked0:29:082:36:371:38:044:48:142

Athlete Reflections:

Amy – Whoop ?? #im703geelong is done ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️!! The aim for this was to have fun, not stress about times and to to just be part of something fabulous. Mission accomplished?.Don’t get me wrong, things really did not go to plan and I was close to losing my shit a couple of times- but the amazing support crew of friends and family and as always the epic #trialliance peeps kept shit real ? cannot thank u enough. Life is too short to get stressed about the things that could go wrong or did go wrong and to be too hard on urself. Anyone can do anything they want- it’s just up to u to actually do it. Cheers and LFBs to all the magnificent awesome legends who smashed out yesterday. U DID IT!! ?? ?
#trainingwithpurpose #trialliance #girlswhotri #halfironman #geelong#ironman #ironmanasiapac #ironman703

#im703geelong #asics #livbikes #jumpforjoy  #youcandoanything


Rachel – So much fun getting a taste of racing a half Ironman competing as a team with these champions…and came away with a sneaky 2nd place ?? #swimbikerun #geelong703 #halfironman #trialliance #triathlon @ 2019 Ironman 70.3 Geelong Live


Carly – When you get to ring the PB Bell. PB swim, not great ride as what my training indicated but still scraped in under 3 hours, 5 min 70.3 run PB… 3 minute PB overall for the distance 5:53:13. Celebrate the wins, learn from everything. 11 weeks until the big day.


Janna – 70.3 miles before breakfast!!! That’s a wrap on my second Half Ironman. What a day.  What a course.  What an event.  What conditions.  What amazing support.  I couldn’t have wished for better. I had so much fun out there thank you #im703geelong I’ll be back. The amazing cheer squad from Tri-Alliance Victoria was everything I heart you crazy folk. More importantly the body was strong, and I felt good the whole race, I’ll credit those extra 250s a certain coach made us run on Tuesday’s ?he did tell me I’d thank him for it – thank you coach Ollie ?


Michelle – Just a swim for me today. Calf needs more recovery time. No point pushing it today.


Eddy – it was awesome to race IM70.3 Geelong with these and many other @trialliance champions today. thank you heaps, @ste_punny and @gazzasadventures. you two are amazing! and, hey… we got the 5th place today (out of 30 teams) ☺️?? #ironman#geelong #trialliance #ironmangeelong #triathlon #triathlete #swimbikerun


Oli – Yesterday I took part in my first ever Ironman70.3 it was something truly amazing but also the most physically and mentally difficult task I have ever achieved. Thank you some much to the awesome Tri Alliance support crew, athletes and coaches that keep on motivating me throughout the race. But more importantly thank you Maria, Leticia and Patricia. You guys always support me throughout my training and come to all my event no matter what time, location or weather condition. I think you guys also deserve a medal for yesterday. Witnessing how you ran from one side of the race course to the next to see me and encourage me that made me feel invigorated and Maria even doing it while Patricia is sleeping in your arm, you are an Ironmum. There’s also one thing from that race I will treasure all my life. About the last 1 km to the finishing line I started getting a very bad muscle cramp on my calf and thought to myself OHHHH no not now. I seriously though I wouldn’t make it to the finish. Slowly and painfully I keep on going and just before I got to the Tri Alliance tent and saw the powerful TA crew putting their hands out for a high five, shouting Go Oli and in the distance,  I saw Maria and my kids waving and cheering me. I got so overwhelm from the feeling of Love, Support and Encouragement that I had tears running down my face for a good 200meters. It may mean nothing for some people but that to me is worth more than any finisher medal.  LOVE YOU GUYS.


Mario – What an awesome day yesterday at Geelong 70.3.  So much love and support from the tri alliance family all day. From the cheers, photos, cupcakes, and of course the laughs, I thank you all. Very happy with my time 5:15. Bring on the big dance in Cairns in 16 weeks time!!!


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