On Sunday, around 25 Tri Alliance athletes had decided to find out what this ice hockey game that Nola MacGregor (aka the cake committee) was always talking about.

The game was scheduled to start at 3.30 and the TA folks began gathering outside the Icehouse from 2.30 onwards.  As people arrived, they found themselves being bribed by the cake committee (via a selection of mini cupcakes) to ensure they formed a positive opinion of the committee’s national sport.  Only Brin’s girlfriend and Steve Hollingsworth found themselves immune to the red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing or lemon curd cupcakes with merangue.

For the record, Narelle and Nathan (along with Tim) weren’t resisting the cakey goodness terribly well….

The game was suprisingly a sell out and we struggled to get a single block of seats all together, but thanks to some fine work by the Ursini clan and a couple of others, we managed to get a pretty close grouping of seats in a pretty good spot.

While the game wasn’t too good for the Melbourne Mustangs, who are only in their second season, the atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  A couple of people were enjoying the beer and hotdogs on sale, while Tim was continuing to inflict extra calories on anyone who’d sample the committee’s mini cup cakes (including himself!).

Kristina Cockbill somehow managed to get herself into a competition during the break after the second period where she had a chance to win a season pass by shooting the puck through a hole in a board that was barely bigger than the puck from centre ice.  Kristina gave it a red hot go, but missed sadly.  She didn’t walk away empty handed however, as she did win two tickets to the next home game on the extra fancy ‘balcony seats’!

After the game about 10 of us headed over the road to the HarbourTown Hotel for an early dinner… which was too early for Belinda Griffiths, who had risen from her sick bed and walked over to the HarbourTown, only to arrive as everyone was finishing up their dinner (sorry Belinda!).

I think its fair to say that everyone enjoyed themselves and there are plans a-foot to do it again before the end of the ice hockey season!


“It was my first time to the ice hockey on Sunday and I have to admit I’ve never seen an angrier group guys in my life! In between the trips, roughing, punches and brawls I think an actual ice hockey game broke out!” Brinn Tavener

“Fast, furious and fun! And we discovered that Tim Watts and Billie Coackbill are ex players. But there is no way I’m getting on the ice anytime soon – i’d just end up injured! ” 🙂 Narelle ‘Sims’

“When the resistance Canadian in the Squad suggested an Ice Hockey Game – my immediate response with a screwed up face “What The!!!” But I got the family vote to purchase the tickets – and well how life changing!!! It was the best ever experience – the kids loved it and they are still talking about it 2 days later!! The players crashing into each other, the fights, and the puck gliding around the sides of the rink.  It’s a game of skill, speed and aggression can’t wait to go again as it’s another opportunity to ring the “TA” Cow Bells!!!” Ursini Clan


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