Our athletes had the ultimate training opportunity, living and breathing the life of a professional triathlete over 10 days at the ultimate Sports and Health resort in Thanyapura, Thailand.  Tri-Alliance offers athletes of all ages, abilities and fitness levels, from around the globe, the opportunity to experience triathlon training like you’ve never imagined.  In addition to training for swim, bike, run, athletes undergo the rigours of sweat testing, time trials, VO2 max tests, strength sessions and more, all designed to help them achieve their fitness goals.  The aim is simple – to give athletes the ultimate professional training experience, jam-packed with insight and knowledge of significant valuable gains that can contribute to overall performance improvements and success.

Let’s hear what our latest attendees thought about their time at Thanyapura:


This camp does not disappoint. It pushes an individual to their optimal health. With amazing facilities, it makes you stronger in almost perfect conditions.

Would highly recommend to those that want to gain rewards in their training during the winter season. Throughout the 10 days, Ollie provides guidance and coaching along with a detailed schedule of training that works well, including recovery (i.e. traditional Thai massage).

This camp was living the dream as a triathlete every day!

~ Fikriye Sukur ~ 

What’s not to like about Thanyapura? Warm weather, delicious food, picturesque location, amazing training sessions, life-long friends and magical experiences and memories.
This was my third year at the camp and every year it has exceeded my expectation. For those who know me well know my biggest challenge is riding a bike. This year, I was not leaving Thailand without participating in a group ride. I am proud to report, I went on 6 rides this year – my last ride was 70km with the whole team 🙂
I also took 13 mins off my 15km  run loop time around the resort.
So advice I would give anyone at any level is take every opportunity that  is given to you, jump out of your comfort zone, join the camp, and you will see amazing results


~ Jen Schuster~ 

The Thanyapura experience actually lived up to its promotional material.
Accommodation, internet access, air conditioning, meals, staff etcetera were all first class.
Ollie did a first rate job in juggling the attendees individual work rates so that all were pushed quite hard, but achievable.
The highlight for me was the cycling. Several taxing rides were done, but the attitude to cyclists was very different to Melbourne – patience and courtesy were paramount.
You can expect to achieve a quite significant surge in your fitness and strength despite the exemplary dessert buffet.


~ Michael Grey ~ 

I decided best way to describe the camp is with a bunch of random words -you could call it a poem. But it doesn’t rhyme…anyway figure it sums it up!

Bike bag, setup, help, Andy, gears, lights, back wheel, flattie.

Camp chat

Sunshine, sweat, naked, scales, Shotz, sodium, coffee, water, ice bath, hot bath.

Naked again.

Buffet, overeating, swim sets, snorkels, push ups, sunscreen, green frogs, ice cream.

Where’s Michael?

Old friends, new friends, oversharing, coconuts, coke abuse, chips, green shop, drink station.

Pass the salt

Massage, fear, laughter, resilience, tears, high fives, early nights, hugs.

TA family.


~ Neda Jamshidi ~ 


I decided I wanted to attend the Thanyapura Camp once I signed up for my first Ironman 70.3 event.  It also wasn’t hard when you have Andy sending you messages on Boxing Day (last year) subtly letting you know there’s a sale on for Phuket flights…..

I thought it would be a great way to push some boundaries, take me out of my comfort zone, challenge myself and learn more about this sport of triathlon – considering I’m still a newbie to this sport.


And wow, did it deliver!


I had heard from athletes who had attended in previous years how great it was, but until you experience it for yourself, it’s hard to understand why….


The journey started with a 9hr flight to Phuket.  During this flight I couldn’t believe I was taking a “holiday” to go train for 9 days.  Who am I?  And am I really doing this?  We landed quite late in the evening and from there were swiftly taken care of by the lovely staff from Thanyapura.  A short drive to the facility and we were checked in, unpacked and getting ready for the first training session in the morning – a sweat test!


That first run session was bloody hard! I recall asking myself (and being a little vocal) why?!?!  Why am I doing this? Why would I pay money to do this? How did I think this was a good idea? I just wanted it over! AND once I finish this, I get to experience 15 minutes of hot/cold baths, yay!


The support and positive encouragement I got from previous attendees got me through this session.  I did it and it felt great afterwards. And for the record, those hot/cold baths are AMAZING! I’m putting a recommendation into the MSAC suggestion box!


There really is so much to write, as every day was a new challenge, experience and achievement.  I learnt a lot about myself, my training capabilities and factors that impact performance – especially specific to me.


One of the most valuable parts was the opportunity to have specific coaching, advice and support from Ollie.   I couldn’t have got through some of the sessions without him, but I will say his recovery spin class was by far the funniest – he’s got ALL the moves for Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off’ hahaha


Looking back, I achieved so much more than I thought I would.  And although that first run session was hard, I did it… plus so much more!  Having supportive and encouraging camp mates makes the experience more rewarding and those friendships will continue through training for similar goals.


I don’t want to end it here as I could keep going and going, but if you do want to hear more please come chat with me or even better sign up for next year.  You will not be disappointed!

~ Janine O’Grady ~ 

I’m much better with photos than words!

~ Sarah Ryan ~ 


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