I want everyone to see that anything really is possible.  If I can do it, literally anyone can!

Noosa Triathlon 2022 race report incoming, buckle up…
“I’m never going to do a triathlon” I have said that so many times over the years I’ve lost count. But a medical diagnosis 5 years ago changed my outlook on life. I started actually training for triathlon about 3 years ago. That was about the time I actually started swimming….. Did a couple of fun tris and sprint distance triathlon and then during lockdown in Melbourne decided I would do Noosa….. Still not 100% sure what I was thinking at the time.

Swim 1.5km:

Was long and arduous (note to self need to get faster) but I swam the whole 1.5km constant, no stopping and no wetsuit. I allowed myself an hour for this and did 1.02 so happy enough with that. The run from the swim to transition was interesting and I was so relieved to see my bike I almost cried.

Bike 40km:

This was awesome, by far my favourite leg. I even overtook people, including on Garmin hill. Had an absolute ball but was glad to see the dismount line. Manage to get off the bike and hobble into transition. For the bike I had allowed myself 2 hours, smashed it out in 1 hour 40 minutes, absolutely stoked with that!!

Run 10km:

Ok so not going to lie this hurt. Went out in the heat of the day and to add to that my lower back on the left side had seized up on the bike so when I hit the run I was in a lot of pain. Decided to just take it easy in the first half of the run. Kept moving forward and walked the aid stations. Hit every shower and hose. Took until the half way turn around for my back to start to ease. Running in the heat of the day was hard but got a bit of shade once we turned back to home. When I came back out onto the main road and knowing I had less than 2km to go I decided to push it a little more. Then I heard Doug and Jen before I saw them and I knew then I was going to make it to the finish line.
That final km was just magic, random people on the side lines yelling for me, cheering me on. Then I hit the party house crew Ben Steph Maria Joey Simon and of course our short course Captain Gary I lifted a little more and off I went. I could hear the finish line and was so excited. Pam your reassurance that I was well within cut off was just what I needed. I heard Pete Murray say my name and it was all so surreal. Tears in my eyes I hit that blue carpet hi fived everyone I could and through the finish arch I went! It was an amazing feeling. Andy had snuck back into the finish line and was there to greet me, that’s when the full on tears started. To have him there meant everything to me.


So many people to thank, Ollie Allan for always getting me to push the ceiling, well I smashed right through that ceiling yesterday Coach and am ready and raring to get going again!!. Greg Nugent, The General for our Sunday trail runs and Tuesday long course wind trainer sessions and for the always colourful words of wisdom. Our short course coach Captain Gary for his patience and guidance. Also to swim Coach Weekesy you have been amazing couldn’t have done that swim without you. Our short course crew, I am always super slow but they all encourage me and are always in my corner no matter what. To Juliet Cooper and Monty Cooper for running back to the finish line to greet me and cheering me through the last part of that run. To Jen and Doug for coming to Noosa to support me, The Jen and Jo show Noosa edition was a success. Love you both. To Maria for feeding me and encouraging me. To my kids thanks for letting Mum follow her crazy dreams and having faith in me when at times I had none in myself.  Our families for just supporting and encouraging me without question.
Finally to the Bumble Bee himself, my self appointed head coach. He has had to put up with a lot and has worn it all with unwavering patience. Never in a million years did I think I could ever do this but Andy knew I could he, told me so all the time.
So I wear a t-shirt all the time (thanks WYN republic ) that says “Breathe, Believe, Battle” it’s my war cry and I did just that yesterday!!

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