Wow, what a season it was hey!!

As tri 2016/17 season has come to a close, I’ve taken some time to get all a bit tear jerky and look back and have a bit of a reminisce!!

As having the amazing honour of being the Tri Alliance ambassador , competing in my first 70.3 half ironman and coming second in the series in Athena’s, I can honestly say hands down it was a triple whammy highlight of my adult life!!

Not to say that it was also one of the most mentally and physically challenging times also.

I remember clear as day when I said to the coaches I was going to do my first 70.3 while holding what was my 6th pint of beer after the last race last season. It was from then (well after fat April and mega May) that I started to discover exactly how this season was going to change me as a person all for the better.

This season I learnt more about who I was as a person, and the person I wanted to be and the people who I wanted to surround myself with. Many winter long course training solo moments can make you have these eye opening self-analysing moments!!!!

It’s kinda weird to think that this sport that we choose to do as a hobby (and dare I say for fun) can truly make you a better person and can help put things a little more into perspective.

As I have discovered for most of us that compete in this sport, we are high self-achievers, goal setters, self-motivators and are always striving to better ourselves.

So one of the massive light bulb moments I had this season was once I started competing only with myself, I became a whole lot more content with so many things. I remember Melbourne marathon last year and I came in about 30mins after everyone else but had taken 6 minutes of my last half marathon and I screamed and jumped around like a big loser cos I was so stoked. That’s the kinda mentality I was and still discovering. Bettering yourself mentally, physically and athletically also becomes such an easier thing to do when you’re surrounded by so many inspiring and supportive people that are also part of this amazing TA family.

My aim for 2016/17 was to smash my own person training goals for the season, as I’m sure nearly every one of you did. Needless to say I did probably get a bit ahead of myself with a few, but my word I’m going to keep going with them again for next season (after fat April and a mega May)

Training over a Melbourne winter like I have said to a lot of people can suck a lot at times….., but let me assure you- it’s worth every little bit and it can certainly make any training challenge/race you face in the future seem like cotton wool balls (maybe except if you competed in challenge Melbourne)! I encourage all to give it a good go.

2017/18 season ahead I’ve got 2 half marathons times to beat, Noosa Olympic time goals to smash, Gatorade sprint series to attack and Challenge Melbourne 2018 to conquer, so yes I will be out there again rain, hail or shine and yes I’ll have my goals printed and put on my wall and yes for those who know me- I will have my post it notes everywhere to remind me that triathlons are stupidly crazy to get into –but also the best things that you can get into. When I’m having my desa downer days, light bulb moments or even just questioning myself I write myself a little post it note and leave them on my wall to help me keep going or remind me that all the training and early mornings we do is worth it for that epic finishing feeling you get when you cross that line!!!

It’s been an absolute honour and joy to train, support, learn, grow, play, drink and cheer each and every one of you on this season. I would like to thank you all for encouraging me to be a better person in and out of TA. We are truly a blessed and lucky bunch of people to have this Tri Alliance family we are all part of.

Cheers and bloody well done to all for an amazing 2016/17 season and here’s looking forward to an even more awesome 2017/18

Am- Bassador xx


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  1. Pam Tunas 3 years ago

    What a season it has being! Blessed to know you as well. Great peice of writting.


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