0616-runmelbourneSunday morning saw plenty of Tri-Alliance athletes taking on the 5,10 and half marathon distances at Run Melbourne. The morning was very fresh for those starting early but some cracking race times came in as people got round the various distances. Special mention to Sergii who has been very consistent and focused on his running and ran to a very good 1:26 Half Marathon time. He will now be building on this great performance looking forward to run the full Marathon in October and again setting the course alight. Congratulations to all others who raced and took part in a great event whether it was going for a pb or just having a run with friends.

For full results click on the link below:





Even though we are in the midst of winter, planning and training is already underway for some of the first races in the 2016 season. We have created Facebook groups for both Noosa (OD race on Sunday 30th October) and Ironman WA and Ironman 70.3 WA (Sunday 4th December). We will be communicating through these groups all things race related so if you have entered either of these please request to join up. This will also help you know who else is training for those races and enable crew to train together in preparation.

Busso – https://www.facebook.com/groups/505282309666777/

Noosa – https://www.facebook.com/groups/144904282601330/

If you are requiring accommodation for Noosa the Tri-Alliance house has 3 single beds spare so please ping us an email at info@tri-alliance.com.au if you’d like more information or to snag one of these.


QueenscliffOur popular pre-season camp is back and after a great camp and awesome reviews from the last 2 years at this location we are are excited to announce that we will be returning to Camp Wayuna in Queenscliff over the 9/10/11th of September.

This camp signifies the commencement of our pre race preparation phase – which incorporates race specific training (bike/run combo). Distances will vary depending on athlete level, what you are training for and when your race goals are. So all levels and race distances are catered for! This is a whole team camp, so all levels are encouraged to attend to gain a final training spike before jumping into our pre season preparation phase.

For Camp info click here and for early bird bookings click here.


A number of athletes and coaches head off to Thailand on Friday for our Camp at Thanyapura. This full on camp is jam packed with training, recovery and testing and those who go will come back tired but stronger from it. We wish all going a great time and look forward to all the stories and pictures that will no doubt be shared with those back in Melbourne.


Whilst the Thailand camp is on athlete emails may take a little longer to respond to due to time differences and schedules. If you have any urgent questions please try to sort these in the next couple of days. Also Wednesday will be the last day that shop orders will be processed until 8th August so if you need some gear or nutrition for the camp or here in Melbourne please get them in asap to ensure delivery/collection can be made in time.


Tying in with recovery week we are adjusting the rotation of our long ride destinations. Recovery week = Dandenongs or Beach Road, Build week 1 = Macedon (Oaklands Junction), Build week 2 = Kinglake. For info and times on all this weeks rides check below. Please note that we will still always endevour to have a ride and coach on Beach road each Saturday for those new to group riding, gaining volume on the flat or returning from injury.

MSAC WIND TRAINER 2nd August – Unfortunately we are not going to be able to get wind trainers to the session next week so please bring your own one to the session or borrow if you can. We apologise for this in advance and suggest a nice easy 1hr ride if you can as it will be recovery week.

Please can athletes arrive on time and be ready for the start of each session. If you miss the beginning you may miss important information regards the session, the warm-up and briefing. This can also disrupt other athletes who have arrived on time and begun their session already. Please do ensure you check the timetable and our Victorian Facebook page for training sessions and updates. top



Do you have friends or family who have always wanted to get into Triathlon and not sure where to start? We have a winter Try the Tri program so let them know.


Want to get into Triathlon before the season starts? Then we have the sessions and program for you. With a large range of sessions to choose from we will introduce you to swim/bike/run technique, build skills and strength through specific drills and have you feeling ready to go for the new season. Catering for all abilities our timetable and coaches will introduce you to the elements of the sport and have you wanting more after just 6 weeks.


  • Attend up to 5 coached sessions a week for 6 weeks
  • GREAT VALUE AT ONLY $6.65 per session
  • Swim, bike and run technique & fitness
  • Tips & tricks and general training advice
  • Access to exclusive sponsor discounts including runners, bikes, bike accessories
  • Finish your 6 week program with a discounted rate on our pre-season triathlon training camp in Queenscliff over the weekend of the 9/10/11 September


  • Monday 1st August 2016 – Sunday 11th September
  • COST:$199 which includes access to relevant sessions based on your current swim/bike/run level
  • For further information and any questions regards the program please contact us at the following emailinfo@tri-alliance.com.au.



swimOver the past couple of months we have been working on technique a great deal with athletes across all disciplines and especially in the pool. Being able to come out of the water in a triathlon not completely spent and out of energy is very important to a good time and performance in the rest of the race. Hence having good technique and stroke is vital to being as efficient as possible conserving energy for the remainder of the race. In most sessions we have been working on a number of drills such as sculling, single arms, catch-up and flick. All of these have specific purposes and are key element in the stroke.

If you are a little unsure and need to see some of these drills in action check out the Tri-Alliance YouTube channel here. Below are a selection of some of our favourite drills.

Front Scull – https://youtu.be/hnHjQQtfRF0

Catch Up – https://youtu.be/UJ4jBh4i4-4

Flick – https://youtu.be/b3UONsAnaLo

We also came across a great little article from Triswimcoach recently which summarised what we have been working on with athletes in getting a short mental checklist together whilst swimming.

  1. Am I balanced in the water? Do a quick body scan first thing and mentally check to see if your legs or hips are sinking. If they are, lower your upper body and shoulders, put your head into a neutral position, and breath out to balance things out.
  2. Are my hands entering the water on the outside of my body? To prevent crossing over, have your hand enter wide and visualize them pointing to the opposite corner.
  3. Am I pulling straight back with a high elbow? Avoid curving in the water because that can throw your body position off and waste energy.
  4. Is my head in a neutral position? Don’t crane your neck to look up but keep your chin tucked and your gaze affixed to the black line slightly ahead of you.
  5. Am I breathing? While it might seem simple, not breathing is quite common and destroys your form. For one, it causes you to hyperventilate, wastes energy, pushes your upper body up and your lower body down (see point one). You should feel bubbles constantly.

So next time you swim have a think about the above – get these sorted and you’ll be swimming much more efficiently.




Please ensure you check the calendar regularly to know where and when sessions are as they do sometimes change (this is especially true for swim sessions at MSAC as these can change and are often unfortunately beyond our control). This weeks highlighted sessions: (please ensure you check your program or consult a coach so you attend the appropriate session and that you know your distances – remember you are accountable too!). When out riding please do so safely and pay attention to all the road rules and others using the road.  Read on for a guide to cycling etiquette and bike road safety and ethics.

  • Saturday 30th July – Long Rides
    • Intermediate & Advanced riders will be rolling from Eltham Railway Station at 730am to Kinglake and return. Adv riders to do a repeat of the Kinglake climb.
    • For Advanced Riders who have ridden from Studley Park to Kinglake before it is suggested you pre-arrange a ride partner and do this route. This ride will be non-coached.
    • All other riders will be rolling from Elwood at 630am along Beach Road briefed by Coach Greg.
    • A gentle reminder that key to enjoying these long rides and getting the most from them is to dress adequately for the conditions and ensure that you fuel and hydrate before and during the ride so energy levels do not drop too much on the last bit. Correct recovery afterwards is also very important.
  • Sunday 31st July – MSAC Run @8am, Fairfield Run @8am

When riding on a Tri-Alliance coached road ride it is a requirement to wear team colours. This helps keep and identify the group together and provides more safety in the fact that other riders from outside the group are less likely to join in the group – we do not know them or their riding abilities. top

Safe & Happy Training

Team Tri-Alliance 


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