What a start to the week. Alarms set for 2am, 4am & 6am to check on our illustrious leaders Sarah and Ollie in Vegas, then to end the day (or start for some) a strength swim set that left no one in denial – this is build week 2!

Last week was no less intense, we had some solid run/bike/swim sessions and Sunday saw the first of our transition training for the season! Well done to those who dusted off their race gear to practise transitions, don’t forget crew it’s those one percenter’s that make all the difference! A big shout out to newbie Tania who nailed mounting the bike in her first session, nice work. Don’t forget race 3 of the Brooks duathlon series is on this weekend another great opportunity to practise your transitions and see how you’re gearing up for the season.





Our Kinglake promo rides continued to be a huge success last weekend as participants lined up with our beginners for some tough hill strength and technique work delivered by coach Darren. Riders learnt some valuable lessons and terms such as “High Siding”, something you want to avoid. This weekend our beginners will have the chance to test out their skills with a Bike TT not to be missed.

Feedback from one of the KingLake riders:

“The Saturday (8/09/12) training trial in Yarra Boulevard has been great benefit for me. Learning and practising all those corner turning skills make me feel more comfortable and confident in the coming ride and the future rides. Thank you, Darren (the coach), and thank you – Tri Alliance for putting up the training trial like this.”

We look forward to finishing this week off strong before heading into recovery week and our PRE SEASON camp!!!

Last years race saw only 1500 of the 2000 starters cross the finish line. A quarter of the field succomed to the course and the conditions and couldn’t finish the race. Athletes this year now had more of an idea of what they were in for, but did they really know how tough it was going to be? Read Sarah’s account on what was a extremely hot tough race…
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This is one of the target races on the short course calendar! Get along to blow out the cob webs, practice your race day nutrition and see how you are tracking for the upcoming season. We anticipate a great number of TA athletes, make sure you are kitted up in your TA gear so we can spot you out there! Bring along your friends and family to cheer you on and make sure they have a cow bell  🙂

We will have the TA tent set up in the Studley Park Boathouse carpark so if you could come down early (6.15am) to assist that would be greatly appreciated by coaches Emma & Ryan.

Location: The Boulevard, Kew – Race Check-in, Kew Boathouse Car Park (Mel Ref 2D F8) (Parking is restricted so we recommend you arrive at least an hour early)
Race Start: 8.00am
Presentations: Shortly after 10am

Click here to read more on the race.
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New Tri Alliance Entry Level Race Suit. Only $110!

We have been putting the final touches on our new Clothing range and they will be on sale NEXT WEEK! We are excited to launch a new Elite range by Rocket Science and our Entry Level Range with prices starting at $110 for race suits!
Stay tuned for the release of our full racing range – including a buy back scheme which can land you in brand new race suit for only $55!!
Pre orders will be taken over the next couple of weeks before we place an order to arrive in time for Noosa.


Athletes are now nearly at their peak for the Melbourne Half/Full Marathon. Remember the key for long distance training is the long endurance run. You cannot get around this and it should be the focus of your weekly training. Those doing the full marathon should be running between 29-32km this weekend depending on your level and the program you are training with. If you are not up near the 30km mark this weekend make sure you speak to one of our coaches. We may advice you to do split runs (i.e. 20km in the morning, 10km in the evening) to get the volume in. For those athletes completing their first marathon – remember it is more important to get the volume in than intensity, so by keeping your training around a T3 level you will help ensure your body will cope with the training.
Your peak weekend will be two weeks out from the race, with athletes peaking at around 33-36km the weekend of 30 September. Ensure between now and then you are doing everything to assist your body including rest, recovery, nutrition, icing and massage/physio. Keep on top of all these areas and you will ensure that you are ready to race come race day. Good luck!

Sprint and Olympic Distance Athletes:
If you aren’t training smart – now’s the time to start! You have completed a solid base conditioning phase, the theory ‘less is more’ for these athletes definitely rings true. As we finish off our volume/strength phase and move into our strength and speed you need to ensure you are fresh and good to go for each session (particularly if you are new to the sport). To gain improvements from here, it’s not just about the ‘km’s’ in your legs, but the quality of the sessions. Speed sessions should be just that – so you shouldn’t have tired legs going into a run session. Endurance sessions should push your body but still sit in the aerobic phase, with these sessions you can often feel a little tired and sluggish from the ride the day before, but you should warm into the run and feel good within the first 5km. If not, you may be pushing too hard on the bike or doing too many k’s. Speak to one of our coaches if you need advice. Our ‘combo’ sessions at Elwood commence in October – so keep an eye out for details on this.

Long Course Athletes (Half Ironman)
Most Half Ironman athletes are leading into Shepparton (over 50 of you!) we also have around 10 athletes racing Canberra Half in December. You will notice your sessions are now separated from Full Ironman, as your endurance build has been solid, sessions will start to focus more on speed to improve race times in all disciplines. Please ensure you speak to our coaches if you are finding volumes too much – particularly any of our new Half Ironman athletes – as it is a big demand on the body.

Long Course Athletes (Full Ironman)
We have athletes building up for a number of different Ironman races, including but mainly Busselton and Melbourne. So athletes will be at different phases in their training. Because just about every Ironman Melbourne athlete is racing Shepparton/Canberra, your program will follow the Shepparton/Canberra lead-in, including getting back on the flat on the bike in late September, you will then head back out into the hills again come December/January. Busselton Ironman – get ready for some big km’s! Most are running Melbourne Marathon, so your long runs will continue to build, and your Tuesday/Thursday run sets will be solid intervals. You will get out on the flat also in late September when you will commence runs off the bike to condition the legs.

Remember – for every athlete, no matter what level, ability or training/racing focus if ever you have questions about your training seek advice from Coaches. The more questions you ask the more you will learn. And that’s what training and racing is all about – learning and improving.


Are you racing in September/October and want to get yourself into a brand new wetsuit? Make sure you check out this limited time offer to Tri Alliance Athletes!
30% off RRP for the period 1 Sept – 30 Oct 2012.

  • Real Joe/Jane Sleeveless Wetsuit RRP $300 Now $210
  • Real Joe/Jane Wetsuit RRP $379 Now $265
  • Elite Wetsuit RRP $450 Now $315
  • Rocket Carbon Wetsuit RRP $700 Now $510
    Click here to view the Rocket Science Sports Range

To try on and purchase a new Rocket Wetsuit at this fantastic price, drop in and see the boys at Xosize: 282 Centre Road Bentleigh. 
Also stay tuned for details on an upcoming demo day in October.


Congratulations to Tri Alliance athlete abroad Alison Werstuk

Alison completed her first 1/2 Ironman race in Canada over the weekend. A fantastic effort finishing in the top half of her age group in 6.04hrs!!

Well done Alison, we miss you.



Long Course
13/14 Oct – IM World Champs, Kona. Good luck to Ollie and Marina Jurjevic
14 Oct – Melbourne Half/Full Marathon
28 Oct – Port Macquarie Half Ironman
18 Nov – Shepparton Half Ironman
9 Dec – Ironman Western Australia
16 Dec – Canberra Half Ironman

Short Course
16 Sept – Duathlon Race 3, Kew
30 Sept – Hazelwood Sprint/Olympic Distance Tri
7 Oct – Duathlon Race 4, Richmond (Vic Championships)
21 Oct – Sprint Distance World Champs. Good luck to Michael Grau-Veliz
22 Oct – Olympic Distance World Champs. Good luck to Emma and Geoff Taylor
21 Oct – Yarrawonga MultiSports Festival – Vic Olympic Distance Champs
4 Nov – Noosa Olympic Distance
25 Nov – Gatorade Race 1, St Kilda
16 Dec – Gatorade Race 2, Elwood


Please read the following details for training this weekend:

We will have two ride sessions this weekend. Those racing in the Brooks Duathlon will be completing a flat road ride as per below. EVERYONE else is to attend a Ride Time Trial at Studley Park! This will be your last opportunity to complete a bike TT ahead of race season. We recommend you use this session to track your progress, practice your race nutrition and complete a run off the bike. As we get increasingly closer to the season start, you will see more and more race specific training sessions.  To make the best of this have your running gear ready to go post ride.

SATURDAY 15 September

Ride Time Trials & Photo shoot
5 time trial groups
Please commence your warm up on arrival coaches will only brief you at the Time Trial starting point click here for full details.

Post time trials coach Lisa Saad will be donning her “Photographer Hat” to shoot images for the Great Ocean Road Otway Classic Ride. For your chance to be a star head back to the Time Trial area at 10am. We are looking for a mixture of beginners and experienced riders, so don’t be shy and join in the fun. If you want more details you can contact Lisa Saad on her mobile: 0419 255 797

Brooks Duathlon Athletes

Meet: North Point Cafe, Brighton
Time: 6.50am brief for 7.00am start
Ride: Beach Rd, 70km-110km

*Please ensure you are on time for briefing as ride details will be provided.

8.00am Long Course Run – Fairfield Boat House
Meet: Fairfield Boat House Carpark, Fairfield Park Road, Fairfield


Duathlon Race 3, GOOD LUCK!!


  • Specialized Trivent Expert, mens size 40. Barely used (6 times maybe!?)
    Sell for $140 (RRP $299.95)
  • Speedplay Light Action Chrome-Moly Pedals, black. Barely used (6 times maybe!?).
    Sell for $85 (RRP $160)

Contact Des Minton: [email protected]

Safe Training!
Team Tri Alliance


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