Who am I?

Someone who talks about brunch, food and peanut butter (Mayver’s of course) way too much.  But if you ever need a cafe recommendation or new recipe I will always have you covered.

When I am not pretending to train like a pro triathlete or trying to be a social butterfly I work as a Podiatrist. I have also just completed my Personal Training Qualification, which will be put to good use. One could say I am pretty passionate about health, fitness and everything related. So you may see some articles regarding this coming your way, along with a few brunch happy snaps.

How did I take up triathlon and join the TA family?

Sport has always been a massive part of my life, usually playing representative basketball for most of high school.

It wasn’t until uni days that I started to get into running for fitness. Friends were doing the Melbourne Half Marathon, so somehow I was conned into it. It was where the journey all started. I joined a running group called Run Like Crazy. Because everyone around me was always achieving incredible things, they didn’t seem like ridiculous distances to me anymore. It’s why 5 Oxfam Trailwalkers later and a marathon have now all just been part of the journey.

I signed up to TA in 2017 after a friend who was part of the club happened to call me when someone pulled out of our Oxfam team. Rather than find a replacement I remembered Challenge Melbourne was the same weekend and thought I needed to try a new goal.  I had done a couple of sprints on my own and one in high school where my parents couldn’t believe how long I took in transition (happy to say that has significantly reduced). I had already taken up swimming, but really needed some guidance with my cycling. After a week trial, I signed up with TA and have been loving the journey ever since. The next goal is Port Mac Ironman, one which I know will be my biggest challenge yet.

Through TA I have made lifelong friends who support each other and always look out for one another. Endless delirious banter, great nights out, holidays and push you to achieve things that were seemingly impossible.

I am looking forward to meeting all those new to TA and helping you along the way if needed.

Ambassador Sammy

And words of wisdom?

When listening to a podcast of Siri Lindley’s recently I resonated with this:

‘It’s not swim, bike and run it’s who you become’

Although often we are focused on the race or the result, there is so much more to sport and I hope you can all enjoy the journey and see how far you have already come.

Ambassador Sammy

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