Let’s get to know a little more about Orlando Marzo…

When did you join TA?

I joined TA December last year and I came across through researching more on Triathlon training after I submitted my entry to 2XU Races.

What made you start triathlon?

It’s something that I wanted to do for quite sometime, perhaps left it because I didn’t find a group of people or a path on how to get started, but it started as I really like swimming. I’m Italian and born in the South East region of Puglia in the beautiful area called Salento, with my dad’s passion into spearfishing and surrounded by crystal clear water it’s kind of inevitable (for more info look up Castro Marina 🙂 )

Tell us about a goal you are yet to achieve.

When I first joined Tri-Alliance my first goal was firstly to finish a triathlon race (and technically I haven’t done a full one yet as my only race was the one in Elwood in February where the swim was cancelled and we ran twice instead 🙂 ) my goal for this year was to move to an Olympic distance and nail that; but more built up for longer distance as they come. It would be great to get the Olympic done around the two hours mark give or take one 🙂

Tell us about a hobby or interest outside of triathlon.

In the recent years I have developed a particular attention at sustainability – in all shape and form: mental, physical and environmental. Lately I have been apply it to my lifestyle and I often think in the choices I make how can I be better for myself, people around me and the environment. I work in the beverage industry and there are some companies taking serious progressive steps towards sustainable practises, but the way is long.

My hobby at the moment is coming up with a project that uses fully sustainable practises; a distillery fuelled entirely by solar energy, recycling water and providing a greener environment. In the distilling world there are so much water wastage not mentioning packaging. Some regulations are stubborn – it is time to change.

I’m a formula one fan – beside the colours, team you support, I go for the Ferrari, of course, it’s phenomenal to see progression in motor-tech-world; it’s also astonishing looking at the path and performance of each athlete.

Tell us about your family.

As you can guess by my accent, I’m Italian, I’ve been in Melbourne for six and a half years. Melbourne is home, is the place I developed my career, met my soon to be wife and a city that fuels my lifestyle.

My family back home live in a small town called Castiglione d’Otranto, a village of 1,500 people, 5km from the Adriatic coast and immersed in Olive trees. In the warm seasons is really the best place to be – delicious fresh food, lots of summer events and plenty of swimming. Winter is very quiet with more happening in the bigger city nearby – Lecce, the Florence of the south. I’m lucky to have also family here, my in laws live in the countryside and between Gippsland and Castlemaine we have plenty of opportunity to visit them and enjoy the countryside.

I often get asked if I miss my family, it’ll be silly if not to, but in the same time I feel very connected and the distance that separates between them and I, is a distance that allows me to travel, understand other ways of thinking. I’m lucky that I get to travel a lot, mainly for work, having a chance to imbibe new cultures and feeling more ideas.

What do you do for work?

I’m a Barman and beverage consultant. Last week we’ve got the news out of the hat, so I might formulate that more. As Mario has mentioned, I was lucky to be awarded World Best Barman. I had the pleasure of representing Australia on a Global stage by entering the biggest competition in the world called World Class, with over ten thousands participants in 56 countries. The competition started individually in each country; in Australia we were first 506 then through different changes we became 100, then 20 and then 1. Ourselves, winners of each country then competed in Berlin over 4 days. From 56 we then became 20, then the top 4 were selected and through another 2 challenges the winner was elected – my life changed after that. I had the opportunity to be working in many countries sharing the love of hospitality and of course some great creative recipes.

This gave me an opportunity and if you wish an extra credibility to run Melbourne’s first Cocktail Festival.

I’ve recently started my own Company that all in all improves beverage experiences. I work both with well established and new beverage company that want to create a new product, I develop beverage programs for hospitality venues that want to be on top of their game and work closer with some festivals that want to have a premium beverage offer.


What’s your greatest achievement? 

Has to be the one I’ve just mentioned – been title World Best Barman.

What’s the best thing about COVID? 

Covid has been a lesson for many of us, I’ve been focusing on the things I can do and less on the others.

One the best thing was the importance of being connected with family, close friends and how much it means being empathetic, as many of us live different yet very similar lives.

Resilience will be our power force.

It has been great being part of the Tri-Alliance family, because no matter how tough the day is, how less motivated could have been there is a class often two in a day to connect and being supportive. We learned more from each other and again perhaps thanks to this we have come closer and got to know each other better.

Tell us something we don’t know about you. 

Orlando’s quick facts – fast feed.

  • I was a rally car co driver when I was 19
  • I love exploring new areas
  • My first time skiing was here in Australia last year 🙂 #ImItalian
  • I prefer savoury over sweets – but ice cream and dark chocolate, well that’s another thing.
  • When I landed in Berlin for what to be the biggest achievement in life, my luggages didn’t arrive with me due to delay – I only managed to receive them by surprise after 18 hours.
  • I’m about to get a puppy – Olive will be joining our family on Sunday 13th.


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