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     Andy Wood-Rich 

    When you get a notification in your activity or in the top right (live notifications against profile pic) the links that are provided do not actually go to the page/site it is related to.
    Seems you have to work out area of the website the conversation or response is before the link will open to the target
    (as a guess I would say the links are not complete urls but instead are relative paths)

     Ollie Allan 

    Hi @creative_hack_1583 can you explain more as i can not replicate this. We need to see if this is an isolated incident or a global problem.

     Andy Wood-Rich 

    Say you’ve posted something to a forum and then someone responds to that.
    In the site you get a notification stating something like “<Person> commented on your post” displayed next to your profile pic in the top right corner of the screen. The text is a link your can click but it doesn’t always work. The example seemed to be something like, you’re in the Tri Eating site and the comment us in the Huddle. When you click the link it doesn’t do anything. Instead, your need to manually navigate to the Huddle before it works

    I don’t have any notifications at the moment so, this is all from memory
    I think the link text also changed depending upon which site you were in when you viewed it

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